Must-try street food in Milan, Italy

Is there a local food fashion in the fashion capital? Where do celebrities go after fashion shows and concept stores to eat? You might guess that they all go to the most central and expensive Michelin-starred restaurants in Milan, but let me tell you a secret - Milan's street food is what really attracts them. Milan is not only a gathering place for Italian fashion, but also a gathering place for characteristic street food from various regions of Italy. Many century-old brands from central and southern Italy have come to Milan to present their hometown's specialties to foodies from all over the world. With just a few euro coins, you can taste affordable street food from all over Italy. Are you tempted?

A specialty store for Panzerotti from southern Italy. This kind of food looks somewhat like a fried bun, with tomato cheese or ham cheese wrapped inside. The outer layer is soft and elastic, and the texture is excellent when chewed. The combination with the filling creates an indescribable delicious experience. If you want to find it, it is located in a small alley on the left side facing the Duomo Cathedral.
This is a restaurant that specializes in selling Margherita pizza. Unlike the thin pizza in southern Italy, the pizza in this shop is very thick with double layers of cheese, paired with a glass of Coca-Cola, making it a real masterpiece.
Eataly's Florence store is located on the second floor of the old market where the beef belly bun is located. The Milan store is a flagship store located near Porta Garibaldi. It is a well-known local food supermarket in Italy, specializing in buying some local specialties in Italy. It is equivalent to a comprehensive supermarket, with various spices, pickles, canned food, fruits, and wines that are dazzling. You can also buy handmade soaps or estate essential oil skincare products.
Italian handmade ice cream with a variety of flavors to choose from. You can try them before deciding which flavor to purchase (although you may already be full from tasting them all).
Operating Italian cuisine, elegant environment, top-notch service, but slightly expensive prices, suitable for tourists with ample budgets who enjoy life. Recommended seafood and Italian pasta.

Pizza Am

In the popular pizza shop in Milan, there are many types of pizza with excellent taste and texture, and free appetizers and drinks are provided.
It is a dessert shop which also specializes in pizza. The quality of ingredients is very good and can accommodate every customer's taste.

The image of Bistrot Ristorante

Typical Italian restaurant decoration style, with traditional Italian cuisine, each meal comes with many snacks, including cheese, bruschettas and candies. The price of drinks is average, but the variety is slightly monotonous. If you stay in Milan for a few days, this is definitely a restaurant worth trying!
This is an authentic American restaurant and dessert shop. They serve delicious breakfast on weekends, and you must try their desserts which are really, really good! Plus, they have many locations.

Cracco 's

RistoranteCracco is an Italian restaurant located in Milan and awarded with the Michelin star. Dishes recommended by online users include Fillet, Tender Pork Cheeks, Seafood, Sorbet, and Bass.
Spontini pizza shop was founded in Milan in 1953 and now has 11 branches throughout Italy, as well as expanding to Tokyo. The shop's two distinctive features are that it has only sold one type of pizza for over 50 years (although two new types have recently been introduced due to new branch openings), and that it has no seating, meaning customers must eat standing up. In the open glass kitchen, customers can clearly see the pizza chefs making the Neapolitan-style thick crust pizza, which despite its thickness, is soft and the base is crispy, resembling a pan-fried dumpling. The thick layer of melted cheese on top of the pizza, baked in a wood-fired oven, and the rich tomato sauce with a sweet and sour taste combine to create a delicious flavor.
Piadina is an authentic snack from the Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy. The snack shop's name "La Piadineria" means pancake bakery. Although it may seem like a simple pancake, the preparation is extremely meticulous, using the freshest ingredients from the flour to the toppings, which perhaps is the secret to the success of this pancake chain. Unlike other Italian snacks, Piadina emphasizes on the freshness of the ingredients. The ideal combination is sesame greens, fresh tomatoes, buffalo milk cheese, and raw ham. The freshly baked pancake filled with various vegetables, Squacquerone cheese, and their special smoked meat is absolutely delicious and a refreshing snack from central Italy. Or spread on the Italians' favorite Nutella chocolate sauce for a mouthful of Ferrero Rocher flavor. With 33 flavors to choose from, there's surely something for everyone.