Local people all like to go to these restaurants. Recommended spicy food from Guizhou!

Compared to the well-known Sichuan and Yunnan with diverse styles, Guizhou in southwest China is much more low-key. However, this has not stopped it from hiding many delicious flavors that are guaranteed to not make you feel sick after eating them. This guide selects several representative dishes and products that can be found and bought throughout Guizhou.

Spicy Rice Noodles: Mrs. Liu's Rice Noodles

Looks similar to rolled noodles, but thicker and more firm. The translucent rice noodles are cooked and mixed with various ingredients, with the finishing touch being the special homemade chili oil poured on top, instantly transforming it into an enticing and visually appealing dish.

Intestine noodles: Gold Medal Luoji's intestine noodles

In the streets and alleys of Guizhou, you can find the most characteristic bowl of Chao Wang noodles. It is brightly colored, rich in aroma, and has the "three delicacies" characteristics, which include tender meat, crispy noodles, spicy, fragrant, and flavorful soup. The noodles are hand rolled, and only noodles as thin as these are considered good enough. The chewy egg noodles, delicious chicken broth, tender meat sauce, pork intestines, and spicy oil make the whole dish very appetizing.

Tofu noodles: Tofu and shredded chicken noodles

You would never expect that there is such a way to eat tofu pudding. In Zunyi, tofu pudding is not only eaten spicy, but also accompanied by a bowl of wide knife-cut noodles. Then add cooked tofu pudding, and dip with dozens of condiments such as minced meat, diced chicken, and fried peanuts. When eating, use chopsticks to pick up the noodles and tofu pudding into the "dipping dish" first. It must be dipped in condiments while hot. The noodles are chewy, the tofu pudding is tender and smooth, and the dipping water is fresh and fragrant.

Mutton noodles: Zunyi shrimp and mutton noodles

Some people say that the reason why people in Guizhou can wake up early is because of that bowl of lamb soup. The delicious lamb soup, the lamb is cooked but not overcooked, thinly spread on white rice noodles, sprinkled with cilantro and a spoonful of spicy oil, the broth is sweet and red, with a strong spicy flavor.

Fans of Vegetarian Food: Tian Niang Su Fen

Su Fen is a special type of noodles. When you order in the shop, the owner will always ask, "Acidic soup base?" First-time customers may feel unsure. Sour noodles are a type of rice noodles, thicker than rice vermicelli, with a higher concentration and a slightly sour taste. It has a unique flavor and is the preferred choice for eating Su Fen in Guiyang. Nowadays, there may be thousands of Su Fen shops in Guiyang, but even if the ingredients change, one fact remains unchanged: a spoonful of red chili pepper is the essence of Guiyang's old-style Su Fen.