Guizhou Flower Identification Guide

Flower appreciation is not exclusive to spring. In the beautiful karst landscape of Guizhou, where the seasons are like spring, even in the cold and gloomy winter, there is still a touch of color.

Libo Maolan

Libo Mao Lan is known as the "Ten-Mile Plum Sea, Ten Thousand Acre Plum Forest". It has the largest concentration of wild plum forests in China and the oldest wild mountain plum trees in Guizhou. There are hundreds of rare ancient plums here, some of which are over 200 years old. Typically blooming in mid-January, the flowering period can last more than a month. It is a great place for enjoying plums and leisure photography in winter.

Plum Blossom Mountain

Meihua Mountain is open for playing throughout the year, and enjoying plum blossoms and skiing at the same time. From December to March, depending on the altitude and variety, different types of plum blossoms bloom one after another, competing in beauty and fragrance. The plum blossoms stretch between the mountains, making it exceptionally beautiful. Meihua Mountain, with its high altitude, is often enveloped in mist all year round, attracting numerous photography enthusiasts to capture the sea of ​​clouds, misty mountains, and sunrise and sunset. If it snows, it adds even more artistic charm to the plum blossoms.
The plum blossoms in Xingyi Qixiangyuan are greatly loved. Approaching the plum garden, the plum blossoms are graceful and magnificent, resembling both snow and clouds from a distance. Strolling through the plum garden, even clothes cannot be tainted by the fragrance of the plum blossoms. The faint and refreshing scent is refreshing to the mind and soul.

Red maple lake

Located in Dachong Village, Hongfenghu Town, Guiyang, it is one of the "Top Ten Beautiful Villages in China" with 6,000 mu of cherry blossom forest, planting various types of cherry blossoms that bloom in different seasons. In March and April, cherry blossoms bloom everywhere, creating a heavenly wonderland. Walking among the flowers, the cherry blossoms cover the trees, roads, and mountains, resembling clouds, mist, snow, and rain, creating a breathtaking spectacle. It feels like walking into a beautiful and enchanting fairy tale, dreamlike and mesmerizing.

Baile Dujuan Scenic Area in Guizhou

Located at the junction of Dafang and Qianxi counties, it is the largest native azalea forest in China and is named Baili Azalea.
The blooming season of Longquan Mountain's azaleas is a little later than that of Bailijuan, typically from late April to early May. During this time, the magnificent Longquan Mountain is filled with blooming azaleas of red, white, and purple, presenting a spectacular view. Climbing and enjoying the flowers, the surroundings are tranquil, with lush trees. Standing amidst the tens of thousands of acres of azalea forests, the distant mountains are shrouded in clouds, while nearby, azaleas of various colors shine brilliantly, creating a beautiful and vibrant scene.
Xingyi is one of the earliest regions in Guizhou to discover rapeseed flowers. There are countless peaks in the world, but only the majestic rapeseed flowers in this region can match the breathtaking peaks. Only in Xingyi can you find magnificent thousands of peaks and thousands of acres of flower fields, where the flowers are surrounded by peaks, creating a unique landscape.

Yinzhai village

Bu Yi Village has a history of 600 years, and you may not know that, but you must have heard of the name "Jin Hai Xue Shan" (Golden Sea Snow Mountain). In March, the rapeseed flowers in Gui Ding Yin Zhai bloom, complementing the plum blossoms and pear blossoms on the snowy slopes, hence the name.

Kaiyang Ten-Mile Gallery

In March, the fields on the banks of the Ten-Mile Gallery in Kaiyang County are full of colorful rapeseed flowers, known as the "first bend of rapeseed flowers in China". The green Qinglong River surrounds this "U"-shaped bend, providing a beautiful environment for the free growth of rapeseed flowers. During the flowering season, you can not only enjoy the beautiful rapeseed flowers that cover the entire landscape, but also witness the entire process of spring tea production and experience the joy of picking tea leaves among the rapeseed flowers.

Leek field

In August, it enters the peak flowering period. Being in the clouds, wearing the sky, looking down on the blue sky and white clouds, numerous chive flowers cover the mountains, surrounded by tens of thousands of peaks and ever-changing clouds. The ocean of clouds, the ocean of flowers, and the ocean of peaks form the unique "ocean of flowers in the sky" of Asirisixi Leek Field.