10 times more fun than Jiuzhaigou, it made it to the Lonely Planet list, but only 1% of people have been there

There is a place, it is low-key but harbors countless beautiful scenery, the province where it is located has won numerous awards, and was once named a must-visit travel destination by The New York Times. The United Nations World Heritage Convention has designated it as one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world, and "Lonely Planet" also recommends it as one of the most worthwhile regions to visit in China. This small city is Qiannan Buyi Autonomous Prefecture.

Xiaoqi Kong Scenic Area

This is a filming location for many TV dramas, featuring not only the waters of Jiuzhaigou, but also the mountains of Guilin, together forming a beautiful emerald. The ancient bridge of Xiaoqi Kong is said to be a bridge of loyalty, and couples who walk across it can hold hands and grow old together. The most beautiful scenery is in the early morning, with mist swirling around Yangyang Lake, making it look like a fairyland.

Qiandao Lake, Luodian, Guizhou

It is currently the largest artificial lake in Guizhou, with scattered islands and beautiful lake and mountain views that are mesmerizing. You can go boating to enjoy the subtropical scenery, experience the ethnic customs, and taste local delicacies.

River Jiangjie

The Wujiang River is the largest river in Guizhou Province and the largest tributary of the Yangtze River in its upper reaches. The section of the river called Jiangjie River is the most charming part of the Wujiang River, resembling a belt winding through towering mountains, attracting numerous visitors. You can take a speedboat and enjoy the scenery of the riverbank's canyons and sparkling green water, capturing all the beautiful views of the river.

Bird King Terraces

Visiting Qiannan, of course, you must witness the stunning beauty of the Bird King Terraces. It is a hidden gem with few people and beautiful scenery, definitely worth a visit. You can climb to the highest point and overlook the magnificent thousand-acre terraces, which stretch out layer by layer. In spring, it is lush green, while in autumn, it turns golden. If you're not in a hurry, I recommend staying here for a night to experience the peaceful countryside life.

Screw shell tea garden

The main producing area of Duyun Maojian, one of the top ten famous teas in China, is in Luosike Tea Garden. It is like a beautiful ink painting, refreshing and delightful. There is a faint tea fragrance floating in the air, and there is also a beautiful lake on the mountaintop. You can come here and experience the joy of being a tea picker.

Longli Great Grassland Scenic Area

The grassland is very beautiful, perfect for photography. For example, there are wind turbines on the mountaintop, a glass suspension bridge, and a colorful slide, which can easily capture stunning photos! You can camp, go horseback riding, and take a zip line here. You can also enjoy the sea of clouds and sunrise, and have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Cloud and mist tea mountain

In spring, when the clouds and mist encompass the tea mountains, you can see endless green tea leaves, layered upon layers, like a large green blanket, ideal for taking photos. April is the tea picking season, and the entire mountainside is filled with diligent Miao girls. The scenery is beautiful, and the people are even more beautiful. Within a ten-mile radius, the aroma of tea can be smelled, making it a tranquil and comfortable place.

Cloak Mountain

It is the sister mountain of the screw shell, with 90% forest coverage, full of negative ions, and a good place for holiday hiking. In this pristine forest, you can see various natural landscapes such as peaks, canyons, caves, streams, and waterfalls, like a paradise, peaceful and comfortable, and you wouldn't want to leave once you come.

Longjia Mountain National Forest Park, Guizhou Province

It is known as the "backyard of Guiyang people". The entire park is surrounded by mountains and water, with lush forests and undulating mountains, making it a natural oxygen bar! Flowers can be enjoyed all year round here. In March, there are pink plum blossoms, early cherry blossoms, and colorful tulips. From September to November, there is a large area of romantic lavender, which is extremely beautiful. Every photo taken here is like a postcard!

Dujianhu Lake

The best time to visit Cuckoo Lake is from February to May each year, when the lakeside is covered with blooming azaleas, creating a beautiful sight with the reflection in the lake. It is the only lake in the country with a sea of water azaleas. You can take a boat and slowly admire the vast expanse of colorful flowers along the lake.

Shiban Village

Here lies the largest ancient Gingko tree in China, a humble village with a more than 4700-year-old "King of Chinese Gingko". This tree is currently the longest-lived ancient Gingko known domestically and internationally. After thousands of years, it still thrives with lush branches, abundant leaves, and plentiful fruits. It is truly a breathtaking sight to behold in autumn!

Fosse aux étoiles

After seeing the Tiankeng in Pingtang, you will know what is truly breathtaking. It is the largest Tiankeng in the world, with the largest scale, the most complete landforms, and the deepest depth. The cliffs, dense forests, lush vegetation, and abundant rare plants around the Tiankeng are full of mystery, which will make you amazed.

Dushan Cave

To visit karst landforms, you must come to Dushan. Dushan has many stalactite caves, where you can explore slowly. The colorful lights illuminate the water surface, creating a stunning and breathtaking scenery.

Swallow Cave

It is the world's largest and most spectacular cave, famous for its grandeur and danger. When you float into the cave, it feels like entering another world, charming like a fairyland on the water. Every spring, flowers bloom here, and in summer, millions of swallows come to nest. The scenery changes throughout the year, and every season is worth a visit.

Jinhai Snow Mountain

It is known as the "First Bu Yi Village of China", with eleven natural villages such as Yinzhai, Luohai, Zhulinbao, and Maidong. The best time to visit here is in March, when a large expanse of golden rapeseed flowers bloom, along with white pear flowers, creating a stunning picture of gold, sea, snow, and mountains.
Geduomiao Village has a strong Miao ethnic flavor. It has less people than Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, and it has not been developed yet. The well-preserved stilted buildings are hidden among rows of golden corn and vibrant chili peppers, making it a picturesque sight. When you visit the Miao Village, you can experience the local customs up close and savor the rare pastoral beauty that is seldom seen in cities.