These seven low-key small towns, which are as beautiful as fairyland, go quickly before they become popular

Since March, there have been continuous good news of declining newly confirmed cases across the country. It is believed that soon, the time to go out and have fun will come! But do you know? Some places have always maintained zero confirmed cases and zero infections, quietly and contentedly. It's time to officially recognize these hidden treasure small cities, such as Dongying in Shandong Province.

Dongying City

Dongying in Shandong is little known for its natural beauty. The most famous title of Dongying is "the mouth of the Yellow River". The stunning sight where the blue and orange collide can only be witnessed in Dongying. Go to Dongying and witness the dancing cranes in the sky! In the wetlands of the Yellow River Delta, watching the elegant red-crowned cranes and white egrets, one finally understands the poetic line: "when a crane flies in the clear sky, it brings poetic sentiments to the blue night."


The small city of Baishan in Jilin may not be famous, but it embodies half of the beauty of Changbai Mountain. Although its name is Baishan, its beauty is not singular. In spring, everything comes back to life; in summer, the flowers on the mountain are brilliant; in autumn, there are falling leaves everywhere; in winter, the scenery is wrapped in silver. The scenery in different seasons is unique and endless enjoyment. Only after climbing 1442 steps can one appreciate the beauty of Xipo Tianchi. The tranquil lake surface, even if tired, can make one forget their worries at a glance.

Chongzuo City

If Guangxi is a landscape painting, then Chongzuo must be the most intense stroke in it. When it comes to Chongzuo, you may not have heard of it, but when it comes to the shooting location of "The Journey of Flower", it may evoke your memory. Guilin's landscape is called "mysterious", while Chongzuo is called "gentle". The picturesque waterfalls, murmuring streams, and overflowing grace.

Fushun, Liaoning

During the period when the epidemic map was constantly marked red, Fushun, Liaoning always remained blank. This coal city is surprisingly beautiful. As the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty, you can glimpse the prosperity of that time from the architecture with Manchu characteristics. For the people of Fushun, there is nothing that can't be solved with a spicy mixed dish. Various dishes such as "Hong Wanzi" (Red Dumplings), "Haidai Jie" (Kelp Knots), "Xie Bang" (Crab Sticks), combined with sweet and sour dressing, are enough to appease picky eaters' stomachs.

Yunfu, Guangdong

The only city in Guangdong with 0 confirmed cases, Yunfu, already sounds fascinating just by its name. Climb to the top of Tianlushan, which stands at an altitude of 1,251 meters, and watch the clouds and mist linger around you. Finally understand the origin of "Yunfu". Guangzhou is only 1 hour away by high-speed train. After the epidemic, let's plan a weekend getaway!

Zhejiang · Qiandao Lake

Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang province became the "first city in China to be unlocked". Drive along the "most beautiful road in Zhejiang" around the island, enjoy the beautiful lake and mountain scenery along the way. Rent a kayak, dive into the embrace of the blue Qiandao Lake, and discover it from a different perspective. Don't think Qiandao Lake is only about lakes, there is also a forest oxygen bar here, cleanse your heart and enjoy a forest SPA!

Hainan, Sansha

San Sha is a paradise in the southernmost part of China. Fewer than 1% of Chinese people have visited here, but its beauty rivals that of the Maldives. The clear water, fine sand, sparse population, and stunning scenery of San Sha fulfill all the desires of island lovers. The Xisha Islands, which are only open to Chinese citizens, are also worth visiting. Only by going there can you realize that the colorful sea described in elementary school textbooks is indeed real.