Recommended destinations for a weekend self-driving trip in Guizhou, China: explore the surrounding areas of Guizhou for 1-2 days and visit these places

If you have a rest on the weekend, you can go around the surrounding areas! Go and see different views around you, and you can also change your lifestyle and experience different moods!

Leigong Mountain

The elevation of Leigong Mountain is 2178.8 meters. The mountain is covered with dense forests and abundant natural resources. The area has rich biological resources and beautiful ecological environment. Walking in the primitive forest for miles, you can feel the unadorned beauty of nature. You can hear the spectacular sound of flowing water under the waterfall. Below Leigong Mountain, there are scattered Miao villages with picturesque scenery surrounded by clouds and mist. With enough time, you can also climb the mountain early to watch the sunrise and sunset, which is so beautiful that it is intoxicating.

Yangchanghua Painting Town

Yangchanghua painting town is a comprehensive cultural and leisure tourism holy place integrating sightseeing, entertainment, cultural experience, and leisure vacation. The scenic area is divided into twelve major functional areas, including characteristic folk catering area, parent-child Xiu Xian amusement park, Chinese herbal medicine garden area, agricultural culture park, educated youth culture park, boutique flower production base, creative agricultural and special products park, etc., is one of the excellent places for spring outing.
Walking into the "Ten Miles Gallery," it feels like being awoken by a spring breeze overnight, with rapeseed flowers blooming everywhere. During the flower-viewing season, tourists from all over come in droves to enjoy the flowers and the beautiful scenery, as well as to relax and enjoy themselves. With its beautiful pastoral scenery, the "Ten Miles Gallery" is also known as the "Golden Armor in Pieces, Picturesque Ten-Mile Gallery." It is the time of year when flowers bloom, and if we talk about the perfect companion for a spring outing, of course, it is to see the rapeseed flowers.
Colorful Guizhou City is a tourist complex integrating leisure vacation, artistic performances, and food and entertainment. The entire scenic area is planned to create four major functional areas: 'Colorful Ethnic Style, Guizhou Tourism Hub, Guiyang City Living Room, and Aviation Port Economic Comprehensive Service Area.' The construction content includes 'Colorful Guizhou Cultural Exhibition Center, Festival Street, 1958 Cultural and Creative Park, and Taiji Terraced Field Park,' and 23 major theme parks. Colorful Guizhou City fully showcases the rich karst landforms, diverse natural ecological landscapes, and colorful original ecological cultural resources of various ethnic groups in Guizhou. It is also a good choice for friends who have not been there to visit during the spring outing.

Hua Xi Banqiao Art Village

Hua Xi Banqiao Art Village is a spiritual stop for people in Guiyang. The village is filled with studios and art galleries of various artists, where the traces of history and the accumulation of art blend together. Whether you are an artist or a regular visitor, you will find the dreams you once fell in love with in the soil of Banqiao Art Village. Spring outing doesn't have to be lively and bustling, spending a day living the life of a young artist here is also a beautiful day.
"Time in Guizhou" showcases the prosperous culture of Guizhou over the past 600 years, interpreting the military, commercial, official, and civilian cultures one by one, becoming the essence of the town's culture. When spring comes and visitors enter "Time in Guizhou", besides experiencing a strong historical atmosphere and perceiving cultural stories that we have ignored or been unaware of, they can also taste Guizhou cuisine in the town. It is a fulfilling and joyful day of indulgence in food, drink, and entertainment.