Great destinations and travel recommendations for a self-driving trip in beautiful Guizhou, China

The summer is coming in China! Many people who are afraid of heat have already started looking for self-driving destinations to escape the heat. When it comes to escaping the heat, enjoying beautiful scenery and experiencing minority cultures, the first place that comes to mind is the "magnificent plateau" Guizhou. However, I believe there are still many people who haven't been to Guizhou yet. So, for first-time visitors to Guizhou, what are the must-visit attractions?

Huangguoshu Waterfall is representative of Chinese waterfalls, with a drop of 77.8 meters and a width of 101 meters. In summer, when the water is abundant, it looks like a dragon entering a pool, as if pulling up a huge water curtain from the cliff and falling from the sky, with a deafening sound that echoes through the valley. Not only domestic tourists, but also many foreign tourists come from afar just to witness the magnificent waterfall.

Libo Xiaoqi Hole

Known as the "super bonsai", the Libo Xiaoqikong Scenic Area combines various landscapes such as caves, forests, lakes, waterfalls, stones, water, and plants in a narrow and long valley only one kilometer wide and 12 kilometers long. The most famous is the ancient bridge over the blue water. The bridge is made of stone strips and is covered with ivy and ferns. Underneath the bridge is the enchanting Huanbitan, which is green and intoxicating. The bridge and its reflection in the water form a circular shape.

Thousand Household Miao Village

Qianhu Miao Village is surrounded by mountains on all sides, with overlapping peaks and terraces that connect to the sky along the mountain. The Baishui River runs through the village, dividing the Xi River Miao Village in two. Whether it is day or night, the scenery of the Miao Village is stunning and unique. The culture within the village also retains the original ecological style of the Miao ethnic group, with traditional practices such as serving wine to guests, long table banquets, Miao ethnic dances, and Miao embroidery. However, due to cultural differences, visitors should respect local customs and cultural differences when entering the Miao Village.

Zhenyuan Ancient Town

As a city with a long history and abundant resources, it has been selected as one of the 'Top Ten Most Beautiful Ancient Cities in China' and has been designated as a national historical and cultural city. The ancient city is surrounded by green mountains on all sides, with the Wuyang River winding through the middle of the city. The city still retains ancient buildings, traditional residences, historical wharves, as well as tourist attractions such as the Tianhou Palace, Wuwang Cave, and Shiping Mountain.

Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve

Mount Fanjing, which has been selected as intangible cultural heritage, has beautiful scenery throughout the year, attracting countless people. Standing on the peak among the mountains, Mount Fanjing is unique. Sometimes under clear skies, offering a panoramic view; sometimes shrouded in clouds and Buddha's light, its existence is just like its name 'Fanjing', embracing this peaceful and tranquil land in the bustling world, allowing people to find the original purity of their hearts here.