These 5 family-friendly guesthouses around Guangzhou are super awesome

Today I took some time to organize several family-friendly homestays near Guangzhou. Practical advice, please save it~

Guangzhou North Tracking Camping No.1 Homestay

Large campsite, perfect for camping in this weather. Both tents and RVs are cool. Bring your kids for a fun experience. Reference price: 650+.

HomeAway Boutique Homestay

This homestay has a lot of fun activities. It is built near the mountains and has a considerable area. Inside, there are rice fields, orchards, and vegetable gardens. Children can have a great time here. Reference price: 650+.

Hospitality boutique homestay

This homestay belongs to a comfortable and cozy family-style homestay. The courtyard is arranged very well. Reference price: 900+.

Twenty-one Degree Mountain Retreat

This homestay has fresh air and tasteful decorations. The restaurant here is especially delicious. It's a good place to bring children for a quiet and enjoyable time. Reference price: 550+.

Xujiazhuang Wooden House Hotel

This resort is filled with lakeside villas, with a beautiful environment. They are Nordic-style wooden houses, with a children's playground and a range of recreational facilities. Being a resort area, you can be assured that everything is available. It offers all-in-one services, so personally, I feel that the price is very worthwhile. Reference price: 680+ Address: Bai Mi Zhuang, Xu Jia Zhuang Ecotourism Resort, Handong Town, Yingde City.