12 must-visit attractions in Dunedin

Dunedin is a city with a distinct British style. The first group of immigrants from the British Empire settled in this city, and although it is currently only the second largest city in the South Island, it has once served as the capital.

Dunedin Railways Train

Dunedin's railway station is world-famous and a frequent feature on postcards. The Taieri Gorge Railway and Seasider route are rated as "one of the world's most spectacular train journeys" to the north.
Every visitor to Dunedin will head to this residential street with a slope of about 19 degrees. For drivers with strong skills and responsive brakes, they can speed down the slope at the top like on a rollercoaster. However, most visitors choose to hike up and take interesting photos on the way. In February, the Gutbuster race is held here and in July, the Cadbury World chocolate factory rolls down 10,000 chocolate candies from the top of the slope for visitors to enjoy for free - both fun and delicious.
Tunnel Beach is located 7.5 kilometers from the center of Dunedin in the southwestern part of New Zealand. It is located in Saint Clair in the south and has spectacular natural scenery such as sea eagle sandstone cliffs, stone arches, and caves.

Sandfly Beach

This place is a must-visit, but it is recommended that you take off your shoes when walking on the Fly Sand section. The sand is very slippery and delicate. This is also a place where you can get close to wild animals, such as sea lions and little penguins. Interested friends can also sign up for a local day tour, which includes telescopes and chartered cars to watch wild animals.

Otago University

The oldest university in New Zealand is worth visiting for its impressive architecture and library. It is solemn yet modern. In spring, the cherry blossoms and magnolias along the riverbank are in full bloom, making it a wonderful sight to see.

South Dunedin

A not-so-long street with a few hours' worth of shops to explore, which includes many antique stores and second-hand bookshops. All that's missing is someone with a keen eye like you.

Geely Chocolate Factory

The chocolate factory is just across the train station. You can buy tickets on-site at the Cadbury factory or book them on the official website. There are many trains available every day, so don't worry. If you have children, love chocolate, or want to see inside those two big chimneys, then don't miss it.

Otago Peninsula Motel

Castle and Sandfly Beach are both on the peninsula. While driving, you can stop and enjoy the scenery. Every day, the scenery is so unpredictable and colorful, whether it's in the morning, dusk, or evening.
The Octagon is an octagonal plaza located in the center of Dunedin.

Settler Museum, Otago

"The museum is located right next to the train station. Admission is free and there are many interactive areas to explore. You can learn about the history of immigrants who came here to develop the area, with a lot of exhibits and physical objects on display. It's definitely worth spending 2 hours here."

Port Chalmers

There is a kind of magic in this place that makes people feel like they are in a scene from the 1880s. It really feels like something out of a movie or a book from that time. On the weekends, there is a market where you can buy food, flowers, and other small trinkets.

Botanic Garden

Every big city has a botanical garden, which also incorporates a zoo; there are many varieties of flowers, and you must go there for an afternoon during the spring flower season. The ducks there can also be fed, which children will surely enjoy.