Top 6 featured restaurants in Guicheng with delicious specialties

In addition to rice noodles, there are many local delicacies worth a try in Guilin. Come and experience them at these 6 restaurants!

A Gan Restaurant (Zhongshan Middle Road branch)

Cost-effectiveness is high, and dry-steamed swordfish and preserved pork with shredded taro are the most popular.

Chunji Roast Goose (Zhongshan Branch)

The dishes combine the characteristics of Hunan and Cantonese cuisines with the local flavors of Guilin.

Small South Country (Wenming Store)

Authentic Guilin cuisine, good taste, high cost performance, recommended Mutton Chicken in Wooden Bucket.

Gui Ke Shan Fang

Showcasing the cultural heritage of Lingnan and promoting Lingnan culture.

Chongshan Rice Noodles (Yiren Road branch)

Rice noodles are very delicious, visually appealing, and the braised noodle dish has the highest order rate.

Golden Dragon Village Guiren Residence

Guilin is a well-established restaurant in Guangxi province, serving traditional home-cooked dishes from Guangxi.