Qinhuangdao Small Taverns Full Guide: Where to Get Drunk Tonight

Summer is a season of love and indulgence in alcohol. The air is filled with the sweet aroma of romance. Today, I present to you a hidden gem of a tavern on the island.


The main focus is still craft beer, with more emphasis on our own brewed fresh draft beer. We also have regular events, which is great because Whales Tavern is a very famous pub in Qinhuangdao, with its own IP and a large fan base following its relocation.

INCITY Hidden City

"Jianbin is so handsome!" This sentence can make the boss ecstatic. Located by the moat on Minzu Road, just like the name of a tavern, "Yincheng" gives a feeling of hiding in plain sight. The most beautiful moment of Yincheng arrives as night falls.

Qin Gate

Ye Feng's Xiaoqing Bar has a wide variety of drinks, including freshly brewed craft beer! Almost all the craft beers available on the market can be found here, and their pricing is really affordable.

Craft beer

The location of the store is a bit remote, inside the 1984 Creative Industry Park. Navigation can get you there. The area is not very large, more like a friend's brewing living room. The owner regularly experiments with unique and strange craft beers, such as muskmelon brew.