Visiting the Gu Mountain Customs

Shanhaiguan Scenic Area is located in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, China. It is the most well-preserved ancient military defense system within our country and embodies the essence of the ancient Great Wall of China. Shanhaiguan is known as the "Number One Pass Under Heaven" and is a national 5A-level tourist attraction. The scenic area is filled with famous historical sites, beautiful scenery, and pleasant climate, making it a renowned historical and cultural ancient city and a popular summer resort for tourists.

Old Dragon Head

Laolongtou is located on the southeastern coast of Bohai, near Shanhaiguan, and is 4 kilometers away from the Shanhaiguan Scenic Area. It is the eastern starting point of the Ming Great Wall. The Great Wall, like a giant dragon, stretches across the land of China, with its eastern end plunging into the sea from the south of Shanhaiguan, resembling the raised head of a dragon, hence the name "Laolongtou."

The first level in the world

The First Pass Under Heaven is a world cultural heritage site, a key national cultural relic protection unit, one of the first batch of 5A-level tourist attractions in China, and an advanced unit in the creation of national civilized scenic tourist areas. "Boundless Jieshi to the east, this pass is made by heaven. Only the King of Zhongshan in Guangdong, began the development!"
Chenghai Tower is the main attraction of Shanhaiguan Laolongtou Scenic Area. It is the first tower at the eastern starting point of the Great Wall. Located ten miles south of Shanhaiguan City, at the entrance to the sea, the once-forgotten Chenghai Tower, a famous seaside attraction, has recently been restored and is now open to visitors.


Jiaoshan is located approximately 3 kilometers north of Shanhaiguan City. It is the highest peak of the mountain range that serves as a barrier to the north of the city, with an elevation of 519 meters. The summit is flat and can accommodate hundreds of people. It features towering giant rocks, resembling a dragon's head adorned with horns, which gives it its name. Its main attractions include the Jiaoshan Great Wall, Hanmenguan Pass, and Qixian Temple.
Meng Jiangnu Temple, also known as the Virtuous Woman Shrine, is located on a hill behind Wangfushi Village, approximately 6 kilometers east of Shanhaiguan City. The construction of Meng Jiangnu Temple is a result of the folk story "Meng Jiangnu Weeping at the Great Wall."
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