What delicious food is there in Shanhaiguan? Just read this food guide and you'll have enough information

In this historically infused small town, facing the sea and backed by towering mountain passes! How to enjoy the cuisine at Shanhaiguan~

Four steamed buns

An old shop located in the ancient city! It is one of the top ten snacks in Hebei province. You must try it, as many people come here for it and it is often full of customers. Be prepared to queue up because it is very popular.

Fried pork in Xiang Man Cheng

Talking about fried pork, every islander definitely has their own favorite. It also indirectly reflects that the fried pork level on the island is pretty good. Shanhaiguan highly recommends this restaurant, and it is truly delicious!

Prince pot

The design of the pot is very good. One side has fire and the other side doesn't. Everything is stir-fried inside the pot. Cooked food is placed on one side, raw food on the other side, and the cooked food side is raised with a beer bottle cap, so the oil is on the other side. Very thoughtful! I would travel all the way to Shanhaiguan just for this pot~

Lao Wang's dumplings

Mr. Wang's dumplings are delicious! Highly recommend the ones with meat fillings, very tasty! And they are really affordable, a great deal! The dumplings are big with lots of fillings and thin skin! Highly recommend the Shanhaiguan main branch!

Tianchen spicy mix

The store is in Xinghua Market. Although the store is small, the food is really, really delicious! Words cannot describe how amazing it is. So without further ado, go and try it yourself!

Qiao Erwa skewers delicious

A small couple-run skewer shop with amazing flavors that will amaze you with ingredients from all over the country.

Double Joy barbecue

A must-visit store every time I go to Shanhaiguan, Gonghou tendon is very delicious! It’s big and dominant! Actually, I haven't been to any other place for skewers in Shanhaiguan!