Local Recommendations for Delicious Restaurants in Qinhuangdao

Native rabbits on the island (Qinhuangdao), born and raised. I recommend local delicacies on the island to everyone. Hurry up and grab a stool to watch~

Xi Cheng BBQ

Opened in 1993, it has grown from a small house to multiple chain restaurants. It is extremely popular in the summer, so you may have to wait if you don't arrive early. I recommend their Palace Style Tendon, Pork Tendon, Squid, North Korean Cold Noodles, and Stone Pot Bibimbap. Trust me, the Palace Style Tendon at this place is definitely worth a try.

Surfing Bear Italian Restaurant

Tired of seafood in Beidaihe? Then you must not have discovered other delicious food. Surfing Bear Italian Restaurant is one you missed. This Western-style restaurant has a cute decoration and a children's playground on the second floor, perfect for families with kids. The pizza and pasta taste great, with a wide selection of drinks, and the prices are reasonable. It's suitable for friends and families to visit.

Kai Island

This is the most popular Japanese restaurant on the island. The waiting time has been reduced since they opened on Jingding Street. I recommend their signature sushi (none of them are disappointing), salmon nigiri, and the delicious grilled eel. Don't miss it if you love Japanese food!