Where to eat seafood in Beidaihe?

As a "standard configuration" for a trip to Beidaihe, Beidaihe seafood attracts many tourists all year round because of its wide variety, fresh taste, and low prices. Whether it is a bustling seafood stall, a luxurious hotel seafood buffet, or the increasingly popular steamed seafood, even the most picky diners can always find their different seafood needs satisfied here.

Wave flower sea product market

The Wave Flower Sea Products Market is located in the West Back Street of the downtown harbor area. There are many small shops selling seafood nearby, with a variety of fresh and dried goods. This area is a well-known place for buying seafood in Qinhuangdao.

Mengying Market

Popular Mengying Market is located southeast of the intersection of Emeishan South Road and Lushan Road in Qinhuangdao Development Zone. It is a must-go place for residents in the development zone to buy seafood. The market offers a wide variety of seafood, and almost all kinds of seafood can be found here.

Shi Tang Road Market

This is the largest and most famous market in Beidaihe. It is one of the top choices for shopping for many tourists. Here you can buy various fresh seafood, dried seafood, and various types of travel souvenirs.

Seascape (Qinhuangdao branch)

Haitian Yise is a seaside restaurant that offers seasonal seafood, teppanyaki, Japanese cuisine, salmon, etc.

Shangri-La buffet

At Café Qin in Shangri-La Hotel, the buffet offers prawns, crab legs, oysters, yellow clams, roasted lamb leg, grilled lamb chops, spicy crayfish, and more.

Qin Emperor International Buffet

Qin Huang International Buffet is located on the first floor of the Ocean View Café. The buffet offers large prawns, crabs, seasonal seafood, Japanese cuisine, grilled meat, fruits, etc.

Fishmonger seafood stall

Recommended dishes: seafood platter, oysters and scallops, spicy stir-fried clams, spicy crab and octopus.

Big Mouth Seafood BBQ • Seafood Expert

Recommended dishes: Seafood Dakka, Teppanyaki Squid, Special Tripe Hotpot, Spicy Stir-fried Little Lobsters, Spicy Stir-fried Cockles, etc.

Fisherman's Seafood (Riverside Road Store)

Recommended dishes: Spicy stir-fried razor clams, garlic shrimp, steamed sea urchin with egg, steamed scallops with garlic and vermicelli, steamed crab.

Seafood Residence (Jupinhu Store)

Recommended dishes: Grilled octopus, sizzling baked oysters, sizzling grilled prawns, steamed peel-and-eat shrimps, etc.

Seafood Hotpot Castle in the era of clam digging

Recommended dishes: high-calcium lamb, fresh shrimp roll, oysters, South American shrimp, seafood hot pot, etc.

Steamed seafood from Dailai River in the past

Recommended dishes: Steamed shrimp dumplings, seafood congee, mantis shrimp, yellow clams, small scallops, etc.

Encounter Hai Steam Seafood Restaurant (Tiger Rock Store)

Recommended dishes: Beidaihe's top tofu, a basket of clams, fresh live Boston lobsters, fresh live prawns, etc.