Stay in a cozy guesthouse apartment in Qinhuangdao

Healthy living, full care, warm and comfortable homestay apartments, peace of mind and more satisfaction.

Haiyue Ocean View Apartment (Qinhuangdao Yanshan University Branch)

Excellent geographical location, convenient transportation, high floor with a view of the sea, wide field of vision, clean rooms.

Beidaihe Tingtao Xuan Apartment

Suitable for vacation, soft bed, close to attractions, near Biro Tower, very clean, convenient for shopping, quiet sleep, spacious and bright room.

Coastal Splendor Apartment (Qinhuangdao Xiangxi Seaside Branch)

The store lives up to its name, with elegant and classy decoration. The rooms are very clean and the thick carpet in the hallway ensures a peaceful sleep without disturbance.

Beidaihe Haiyang Nianhua Apartment

Unified management is very secure. The local people are simple and honest. The houses are clean and tidy. Guests from out of town can cook in the rooms, making them feel warm and cozy.

Qinhuangdao's seaside apartment

The boss's warm and thoughtful service feels like being at home! Multiple stays, various rooms are clean, tidy, and well-equipped! First-class rooms! First-class service!

Nandaihe Lijie Hotel Apartment

Good environment, ocean view, cooking facilities, close to Xianluo Island, nearby are free beaches, play as you wish.

Liu Zhuang Family Inn in Beidaihe

Really good, the boss is very enthusiastic, the service is considerate, the room is clean and comfortable, the location is also good, very close to the seaside. There is a street in front of the hotel with snacks, barbecue, and seafood stalls.