Shopping Tips for Qinhuangdao

The main shopping areas in Qinhuangdao are concentrated in the downtown area. Various specialty and souvenir supermarkets can be found throughout the city, in addition to many large department stores. It is also possible to purchase many specialty products that are not easily found in other provinces and cities, making them excellent gifts for family and friends.

Modern shopping mall (Minzu Road)

There are quite a few brands, ranging from brands for young people to brands for middle-aged people. It can be considered as a relatively large-scale shopping mall in Qinhuangdao.

Le Duo Hui

It's quite large, a total of four floors, the second and third floors are supermarkets, and the fourth floor has places to eat, a cinema, and an arcade.

Wholesale market of seafood at Hailanghua

The largest seafood market in Qinhuangdao, where all kinds of aquatic products can be bought. It has a superior geographical location and offers a variety of seafood, dried fish, and fruits and vegetables.

Shitang Road Market

It is the largest shopping place in Beidaihe. The market operates more than 30 categories and over 1000 varieties, including necklaces, crafts, souvenirs, dried seafood, and clothing. Among them, the necklace and craft professional market is currently the largest in the country.

Nandaihe Seaside Market

Other seafood available in the market includes octopus, scallops, razor clams, prawns, conch, shrimp, and sea intestines. If you know about seafood, it's best to personally choose and pick them here.