Foshan Must-Visit Museum

When you enter Foshan, you can experience the Lingnan culture and feel the spirit of Foshan, which cherishes both culture and martial arts. The reputation of being a pottery capital and a city of martial arts adds a lot to this ancient yet modern city. If you want to understand this unfamiliar yet charming city, you must start with its museums! There are many rich and interesting museums here~ Take this list and go check in Foshan right away!

Shiwan Ceramic Museum

Guangdong Shiwan Ceramic Museum is the first industry museum in Guangdong Province with ceramic culture as its main theme. It is divided into two parts: dynamic display area and static display area. It is a museum with ceramic culture as its main theme, where visitors can personally experience the fun of pottery making.
Present the development process, culture, and folk arts of Shunde.
Key cultural relics protection units in Guangdong province, as well as a large number of Qing dynasty cultural relics. The Guangdong Cantonese Opera Museum collects nearly 20,000 pieces of Cantonese opera cultural relics, over 3,000 documents and images, including precious Cantonese opera cultural relics such as Qionghua Shuibu Stone, Qionghua Palace incense burners, palace lamps, as well as a large number of Qing dynasty and modern Cantonese opera scripts, wooden fish books, posters, stage bridges, costumes, musical instruments, and the earliest Cantonese opera films, records, stills, and books by famous artists.
Nanguo Silk Museum is the first private silk museum in Guangdong Province. Its aim is to recreate the ecological landscape of "mulberry fishponds" in Shunde, preserve the glorious historical memory of Nanguo Silk, showcase the journey of the silk industry in Shunde from the Ming Dynasty to the present, sing the melodious song of the Silk Road, and promote the pioneering, enterprising, practical, and inclusive spirit that Shunde people have relied on for their glory. Visitors can personally experience activities such as picking mulberry leaves, raising silkworms, and dyeing cloth.

Yuen Yick Tong Museum

A medicinal herb store museum, a must-visit for herb enthusiasts.

Gaoming Century Coin Museum

The Century Coin Museum was founded in May 2002. It is currently a privately-owned professional coin museum open to the public in Guangdong Province, China. The museum houses over ten thousand coins from the Xia, Shang, and Western Zhou dynasties to modern China. All the coins in the museum are genuine and representative, forming a complete historical and cultural textbook of currency. It is also a patriotic site in Foshan City.