Off-the-Beaten-Path Instagram-Worthy Spots: 8 Hidden Gems in Taiwan's Northern Coast

You should know that besides eating, Taiwan is also a great place for taking photos! There are numerous scenic spots along the way up north. This guide to Instagram-worthy spots in Taiwan's northern coast summarizes the essence of the area and provides a popular route for you to follow!

Jiufen was once prosperous due to its abundant gold resources, but it gradually declined as the mines depleted. However, in 1990, the film "A City of Sadness" was shot here, attracting attention from both domestic and international tourists with its unique architecture, hillside views, and atmosphere, rejuvenating Jiufen as a popular tourist destination. In 2001, Jiufen's old street was also featured as a setting in Hayao Miyazaki's animated film "Spirited Away," further drawing many Japanese tourists to visit. The song "A Coffee Shop in Jiufen" by Chen Qizhen also added to the fame of this place. The nostalgic scenery of Jiufen's old street is mainly concentrated on three streets: Jiufen Old Street, Shufazi Road, and Qingshui Road. Shufazi Road connects Jiufen Elementary School and the Jiufen Police Station, serving as an important passageway for transporting goods. Today, Jiufen's old street has been replaced by cafés and tea houses, and the iconic 300+ stone steps have become a symbol of Jiufen. Jiufen Old Street's core area is on Jiufen Street, where many traditional buildings from the Japanese colonial period are preserved, including stalls selling taro and sweet potatoes, the first tea house in Jiufen, and the Jiufen History and Culture Workshop. From Jiufen Street, visitors can also enjoy a view of the sea. In addition to these three main roads, there are many alleys and lanes waiting for visitors to explore. No matter where tourists go, they may discover surprises.
The Yin Yang Sea near the Golden Waterfall, Jiufen Old Street, and the Thirteen Level Remains is a must-pass place to reach all the attractions. It is famous for its layered sea view of Yin and Yang. But the good shots are not only the turbulent Yin Yang Sea, but also the intersection of this Shuitun Cave! The dense zebra crossing and standing traffic signs in the picture all give people the illusion of being in "Kamakura, Japan." So everyone passing by or going through, don't miss it!
The marine erosion landscape refers to unique landscapes formed by ocean erosion, including but not limited to caves, arches, sea eroded rocks, and sea cliffs. These landscapes are formed by the impact and erosion of seawater, and it takes hundreds to thousands of years for them to gradually emerge. These types of landscapes have unique geological and biological significance and are also popular tourist destinations for beaches around the world. However, with the increase of human activities, many marine erosion landscapes are also facing the risk of destruction and disappearance. Therefore, protecting these precious natural heritages is a responsibility that each of us should undertake.

Badouzi Station

Badaozi Railway Station finally reopened passenger services at the end of 2016. As an unmanned station, visitors need to use the nearby card facilities to board the trains. With its beautiful mountain and sea views, it has been praised as the most beautiful station in northern Taiwan. However, due to its simple train platform and lack of a distinctive station building, only those familiar with it would know to stop here for photos and check-ins.
Tidal Park is located on the east side of BaDouZi Peninsula, adjacent to Wanghai Lane Bay, covering an area of ​​about one hectare. It used to be a garbage collection site, but after being planned and rebuilt by the Ocean Science and Technology Museum, it has now become an excellent place to enjoy the sea view. Visitors can stroll on the well-planned wooden walkway and admire many art carvings. In addition, the beautiful sea view, Keelung Mountain, and the stunning sights of Jiufen can also be seen from here.
Now you don't need to go to Europe, just come to Taiwan! Keelung City, which has a collection of fishing ports, is especially beautiful with this "Zhengbin Fishing Port". The colorful houses bring the scenery of the colorful islands of Venice, Italy, in an authentic way for the fairies to enjoy!

Mysterious coast

This secret coast is a hidden gem known only to locals in Jinshan. At sunset, the deep blue sea paints a picture so beautiful it's almost too hard to look at.
The Top rooftop restaurant in Taipei features Balinese-style decor and colorful lighting design, complemented by stunning views of the million-dollar night scene of Yangmingshan, creating a fantastic atmosphere that makes it a popular destination for locals.