A large collection of Milanese Chinese restaurants allows you to find familiar flavors in a foreign land

If you get tired of pasta and pizza while traveling in Milan, there are still many good Chinese restaurants here to satisfy your Chinese taste. Listed below are some of the well-known Chinese restaurants in Milan, be sure to take note!

Jade Garden Hotel

This restaurant has an excellent location, only a few steps away from the cathedral. Yuyuan is an old brand of Chinese restaurant in Milan, with a Chinese-themed decor and mainly serving Cantonese cuisine. The presentation of dishes is also very particular and they offer a fruit tray as a gift when there are a lot of people dining. We recommend trying seafood tofu casserole, spring chicken, sautéed scallops with pine nuts and other dishes.

Shanji Tea Restaurant

This Chinese restaurant is very famous in Milan, and both Italians and Chinese people love to come here to eat. The decoration of the restaurant is full of Chinese flavor, but it also has a modern feel. Although the name is a tea house, the Sichuan cuisine cooked here is also very good. This restaurant specializes in Sichuan cuisine, but the barbecue pork and rice noodle rolls are also authentic. The environment inside the restaurant is very clean and elegant, and the service is also very enthusiastic.

Restaurant 168

Here offers multiple national cuisines such as Chinese, Italian, and Japanese, among which Chinese cuisine is the main one. Besides eating the dishes that have been cooked, you can also select fresh ingredients for the chef to cook on the spot, and there are various flavors like sour, spicy, and five-spice to choose from. If you want to eat Chinese food, come here.

Wang Jiao Milano

This restaurant is also famous in Milan and highly praised by local Chinese people. The decoration is simple and elegant, mainly serving Cantonese cuisine, but also offering other types of dishes at moderate prices. It's a good value for money restaurant.
An authentic Chinese restaurant in Milan that specializes in Sichuan and Hunan cuisine. The restaurant's interior design takes inspiration from Maoist culture, and their dishes have a pure and spicy flavor. The signature dishes include Mao-style braised pork, spicy shrimp hot pot, braised beef noodles, and twice-cooked pork.
This buffet restaurant is located near the central train station and is one of the larger restaurants in Milan. The restaurant offers a variety of cuisines such as Chinese, teppanyaki, Italian, Brazilian barbecue, and Japanese sushi. On weekdays, lunch is 12 euros, while on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, lunch is 16 euros, and dinner is 20 euros. The prices are quite reasonable, making it a good deal for those who want to eat their fill without spending too much money.