Milan boutique café

After watching fashion shows and visiting shopping malls, come and take a stroll in these petite bourgeoisie places to experience the time.

Bianco Latte is a coffee shop that white lovers cannot miss. As many people have said, "It's not just about being clean and fresh." The well-designed store is not only a great place to showcase Milan's culture, but also offers dreamy tea and popular weekend brunch. Brunch is offered on Saturdays and Sundays, and reservations are recommended. You can not only choose freshly baked bread, cookies and desserts, but also satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pav e

Pavè is undoubtedly one of the top three cafes in Milan, with a fresh industrial style interior that blends wood furniture and steel. The first-floor counter offers various delicate desserts, and the loft platform on the second floor is decorated with bicycles. The owner's rigorous attitude towards food is backed by the heart of an Italian dessert craftsman. Many people love to come here for brunch, and Aperitivo is also available in the evening. The must-try dish at the restaurant is the Brioche series of croissants, with the highly recommended Brioche alla Crema filled with custard sauce for those who like sweet flavors. Additionally, there are the rich and savory croissants with crispy pastry and a perfect blend of ham and cheese.
California Bakery has a total of 6 branches and a cooking school in Milan, with the one near the Cathedral recommended. The interior is decorated with a unified American West Coast casual style, with a focus on various American-style cakes. The most tempting of all is the New York cheesecake, which is claimed to be "the best in Milan", with fresh blueberries on top to balance out the sweetness of the cheesecake. One can't help but feel like they can't put down the spoon when enjoying this delicious cake!
Every time you enter Mint Garden Cafe, you'll feel like the owner accidentally opened a flower shop instead of a coffee shop. The bright interior is full of roses and African chrysanthemums, with white hanging light fixtures above the dining tables emitting soft yellow light. The walls are lined with transparent glass, allowing sunlight to stream in and the music to play in your ears, making this cafe in Milan a truly memorable experience. Here, you can try unique sandwiches with added orchids, definitely a novelty "eating flowers" experience, and the roast beef panini here is also highly recommended. If you come here in the evening, we recommend trying the Italian Apertivo, which offers a variety of exquisite cocktail snacks. It's recommended to order a cocktail or freshly squeezed juice.