Florence food guide

The steak and red wine from Tuscany are also part of Florence culture. This list takes you to Florence restaurants where you will never regret eating and experience the charm of local cuisine.

This is a mid-high end Italian restaurant. It has a four-star rating on Yelp with over a thousand reviews, indicating its popularity. The restaurant offers local Tuscan specialties with high-quality ingredients and authentic dishes. The interior decoration is quaint and rustic, typical of an old European restaurant.

Old Alley

This is a mid-range Italian restaurant. The interior is cozy, tidy, and private, making it suitable for gatherings with friends. The menu is rich and authentic, featuring pizzas, pastas, meats, fish, and local wines.
The restaurant located in San Lorenzo district has modern and elaborate interior decorations with many art pieces on display, making it a small gallery for artists and collectors to exchange their works of art. The restaurant serves delicate Italian cuisine using high-quality ingredients with authentic flavors.
This is a mid-range Italian restaurant located in the old town center. It is a typical European old restaurant with ancient architecture and interior decoration. The restaurant has a compact interior space and is a good place to taste Mediterranean cuisine and local specialties.
This is a mid-range affordable Italian restaurant. Hidden deep in a small alleyway in Italy, it is located south of the Basilica of San Lorenzo and close to Dante's former home. Specializing in handmade pasta, meat, pizza, and Tuscan cuisine, some upgraded versions of Tuscan farmhouse dishes can also be sampled.

La Prosciutteria Florence

The name of the store means "shop for buying ham". This ham house is similar to the concept of a wine bar, mainly providing dried and cured meats. Tuscany has many delicious foods, and you can eat a variety of hams and red wines conveniently in this type of ham house.
Carceri is both a pizza shop and a bar, which is a reasonably priced local restaurant that is popular among young people. It is located in a closed square in an old building. The interior of the store used to have frescoes, but now it has mainly graffiti related to prisons. The decoration is lovely and humorous, and the restaurant has many outdoor seating options.