A Hidden Gem Journey in Switzerland

From three enchanting lakes that exude the charm of the South to the refreshing hills and historically rich towns at the foot of the Freiburg Alps, this route will take you on a journey to explore the captivating secrets of the Freiburg region - perfect for leisurely strolls.

Wei Yi Shan

You will never forget the beautiful scenery you enjoyed at Mount Weiyi (elevation 653 meters): the silver-blue lakes, the lush green hills, and the snow-capped Alps all harmoniously form a perfect picture. The enchanting landscape is perfect for walking, whether along the vineyard path, the historical path, the plant path, or strolling on the lakeside. However you choose to enjoy it, Mount Weiyi will mesmerize you.

Moore Teng Hu

The medieval town of Mougins attracts tourists to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle and completely relax in an environment far from modern life pressures. The opportunity to experience stand-up paddleboarding on the peaceful Lake Mougins provides visitors with a chance to reach a deeper level of tranquility and balance - and this is not an exaggeration. There are no cell phones, no deadlines, no rush or panic: only the small ripples on the lake, rhythmic movement, and pure peace. It's truly a blessing!

Aeberold cake shop

If you haven't tasted the famous Nidelkuchen butter cake in Mürren, you haven't really been to Mürren. Aebersold bakery bakes Nidelkuchen cake according to traditional recipe with excellent taste and has won several awards. Making this special delicacy requires 5 layers of butter and it's only available for few unforgettable moments. Fortunately, you can still purchase and take this delicious cake with you.

Grande calyse

Grande Cariçaie is the largest lakeside wetland in Switzerland. This natural conservation area, stretching nearly 40 kilometers, is home to around 800 species of plants and 10,000 species of animals, providing ample space for tourists to leisurely stroll and observe wildlife. For more energetic adventures, visitors can try activities such as wakeboarding in Estavayer, where a range of top-notch sports facilities are available.

Cellay Taylan

How did our ancestors survive in the Stone Age about 6,000 years ago? In the reconstructed lake-side residential village of Glayetaran, not only can you learn about prehistoric life, but you can also experience it firsthand by making your own Neolithic jewelry and showcasing your hunting skills by throwing a spear. To fully experience life in prehistoric times, you can choose to spend the night in a cone tent or nearby animal skin hut.

Fribourg Castle

Heading to the top of the 74-meter tower via 365 steps, you will be glad for your effort: the view of the medieval town center of Freiburg is extremely charming. The St. Nicholas Catholic Church, built in the 13th and 15th centuries, is a shining jewel. Its magnificent organ has attracted Liszt and Bruckner to Freiburg. From 1896 to 1936, the church's unique Art Nouveau stained glass windows were installed.

Lepakotz Village

The endpoint of the route is the village of Leipa-Kots. This charming little mountain village is located at the center of a dense network of paths. Walking along any of the 4 food paths, one can feel the wonders of nature. From one mountain restaurant to another, these mouth-watering paths not only allow tourists to appreciate the scenery of the region, but also to taste local specialties such as cheese fondue and double-layered cream egg white cakes.