Top Destinations You Must Visit in Croatia

Croatia used to be a powder keg in Europe, but now it is a sea pearl. If you want to experience the most beautiful Mediterranean scenery, come and explore this "Mediterranean pearl"! This place is also a filming location for "Game of Thrones"!


Dubrovnik was originally established by the ancient Romans and is known as the "Athens of the Slavs". The clean and beautiful bay and the ancient majestic buildings are the town's signature, and it is a must-see spectacle to cruise on the medieval Dubrovnik ship in the sunset of the Adriatic Sea.


Zagreb is a "museum city" divided into the old town, new areas, and a modernized district developed after World War II. You can take a vintage cable car located in the middle of Ilica Street to see the landmarks of the upper town or immerse yourself in the bars of Tkalciceva.


Zadar preserves and restores many Roman-era churches and bell towers, maintaining the medieval charm. The "Sea Organ" and "Greeting to the Sun" have gained numerous fans. The city also has many churches and scattered stones that reflect its history over the years.


The hometown of "Croatian Rhapsody" - Split, Croatia, is home to the magnificent world cultural heritage Diocletian's Palace and beautiful coastline. This city combines historical culture, ancient city ruins, and modern vitality. Climbing the bell tower of St. Duje Cathedral and gazing at the striking beauty of buildings from different periods is a unique experience!


A colorful castle-like ancient city floats on the azure sea. A crimson sunset slowly sinks into the sea behind the ancient city. This seaside resort, full of Italian charm, is called Rovinj. Here, you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery on the Adriatic Sea.