Mount Shaoshan, Zhangjiajie, and Fenghuang Ancient Town Four-Day Tour

4 cities | 11 attraction(s) | total distance 1383 km
From Shaoshan to Zhangjiajie and then to Fenghuang Ancient Town, experience the profound Xiangxi style and immerse oneself in the culture of the Tujia ethnic group. The itinerary is slow and rich.

Day1: Xiangtan > Ji'an > Zhangjiajie

3 attraction(s) · 1014 km
In the morning, visit the great man's hometown at Shaoshan, visit Chairman Mao's statue and former residence, then take a car to Zhangjiajie, enjoying the scenery of the Dongting Lake Plain, known as "800 miles", along the way. After arriving in Zhangjiajie, visit the world-renowned Huanglong Cave, the all-around champion.
662 km

Day2: Zhangjiajie

5 attraction(s) · 142 km
In the morning, we will visit the former residence of the great leader in Shaoshan, and visit the statue of Chairman Mao and Mao Zedong's former residence. Then we will take a car to Zhangjiajie, enjoying the scenery of the Dongting Lake plain, which is known as "800 miles". After arriving in Zhangjiajie, we will visit the Huanglong Cave, the all-around champion of the world karst caves.
25 km

Day3: Zhangjiajie > Xiangxi

2 attraction(s) · 228 km
After arriving in Zhangjiajie, challenge the Tianmen Mountain Glass Skywalk. In the afternoon, visit Fenghuang Ancient Town, known as "the homeland in dreams". It boasts romantic scenery and brilliant civilization.
228 km

Day4: Xiangxi

1 attraction(s) · 0 km
After breakfast, enjoy the sunrise in Phoenix and experience the misty rain in the town. Walk over the small bridge with green flagstone and visit the town. Return to Changsha after the tour.