Fontana delle Naiadi, The Fairy Fountain is a fountain in Rome

Piazza della Repubblica, Roma
Located in the center of Republic Square.
The building around is a corridor-style architecture.
The sculpture has a unique style.


The Fountain of the Naiads is located in Republic Square near the Rome train station and is one of the largest fountains in the city. Built in 1901 by Mario Rutelli, the four bronze statues of naked goddesses caused controversy at the time. Each goddess is seated on a different animal and represents different symbolic meanings, such as seahorses for the ocean, water snakes for rivers, swans for lakes, and lizards for underground water. The central statue, which was added in 1911, represents the power of man conquering nature, symbolizing the sea god Glaukos.
Piazza della Repubblica, Roma
Get off at Repubblica station by taking Metro Line A.