Škocjanske jame, The huge and magnificent cave is worth visiting

Skocjan 2, 6215 Divaca, Slovenia
Having unique karst topography.


The Škocjan Caves, located at the lowest point of the Reka River valley in the karst plateau on the border between the Republic of Slovenia and Italy, are a natural wonder. It is one of the largest and longest caves in the world, about 52 kilometers from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and 13 kilometers east of the Gulf of Trieste. The surrounding park includes the initial gorge of the River Rika, the lower part of the River Susica, and the above-ground area of the cave. There is a highway that leads to the Italian border on the west side of the park. The latitude and longitude of the location of the Škocjan Caves are approximately 14 degrees east and 45 degrees north, respectively, and due to the geological characteristics of the area, the caves are classified as a karst-landform in physical geography.
Skocjan 2, 6215 Divaca, Slovenia
Take a train from Ljubljana to Divača, then transfer to a free shuttle bus to the scenic area. The journey takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes.