Aletschgletscher, The best angle to admire the Alech Glacier

Laxerstafel, Lax, Goms, Valais Wallis, 3994, Switzerland


The Aletsch Glacier is located in the eastern part of Valais, Switzerland, and is the largest glacier in the Alps and one of the world heritages. It has a length of about 23.6 kilometers and an area of about 128 square kilometers, with a total weight of about 27 billion tons and a speed of movement of about 200 meters per year. Due to global warming, the speed of glacier melting has been increasing year by year, and it is expected to melt 4 kilometers in a century, reducing its volume by one third. We recommend taking the cable car from Fiesch in Valais to the Aegishorn to enjoy the glacier scenery. The price is cheap and suitable for visitors of all ages to immerse themselves in nature and have an intimate contact with snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and green fields. The scenic area has a total of 150 kilometers of hiking trails and 100 kilometers of mountain biking trails open to visitors. It is also a winter skiing resort with a total length of 104 kilometers.
Laxerstafel, Lax, Goms, Valais Wallis, 3994, Switzerland