Trollstigen, "The mountain road is very steep."

Trollstigen, 6300 Åndalsnes, Norway
Waterfall rushing down.
The viewing platform is very cool.
Saw the most spectacular scenery from the observation deck.


The west coast of Norway is winding and separated by mountains, making building mountain roads extremely difficult. The locals have a special feeling for roads and railways. Trollstigen is part of Route 63 which runs from Åndalsnes to Valldal Village. It is one of Norway's most impressive tourist attractions, known as the “Road of the Trolls”. From the observation deck in the mountains, you can see a perfect blend of mountains, fjords, rivers, and architectural art. Each of the eleven hairpin turns has its own name to commemorate the builders' skills. The mountain pass road has an elevation of 2,800 feet (about 853 meters) above sea level and an average slope of 10%. Driving on the Trollstigen, you can hear the beautiful sound of the Stigfossen waterfall. The waterfall flows down the slope, passing through a small bridge and finally flowing to the bottom of the mountain road. Under the direction of King Haakon VII, part of Trollstigen was officially completed on July 31, 1936 after eight years of construction. In order to ensure safe passage, 16 million Norwegian krone was spent in the summer of 2005 to prevent falling rocks. On June 16, 2012, Trollstigen officially became part of the National Scenic Route.
Trollstigen, 6300 Åndalsnes, Norway
Opening hours
The opening time is from mid-to-late May to November every year, with specific dates varying annually.