The Deer Park, If the weather is good, the beach is very lively

Dyrehaven, 2930 Gentofte


The Deer Park is famous for its "royal hunting," but its true attraction lies in its natural scenery. For those who are getting tired of castles, cities, or the sea, this woodland will bring you a different kind of joy. Here you can picnic, jog, or ride horses, and enjoy the romantic charm of medieval Europe. If you bring children, letting them ride ponies will be a memorable and wonderful experience for them. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Deer Park is an excellent place for backpackers to relax. In addition, there is a beautiful beach across from the Deer Park, where you can swim and appreciate the handsome men and beautiful women of Denmark in the summer. Finally, please note that although there are some small inns here, it may not be convenient to reach the youth hostel if you carry too much luggage, as the hostel is located deep in the forest and requires some walking.
Dyrehaven, 2930 Gentofte
Opening hours
Open all year round.
Take train C or F and get off at Klampenborg.