Zhou En-lai Monument, "Premier Zhou Enlai's Memorial Stone is built on the mid-hill of Lanshan."

Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan


Premier Zhou Enlai once came to Japan looking for ways to save the country when he was young. During a visit to Mount Arashiyama, he composed the famous poem "In the Rain on Mount Arashi." In the late 1970s, Japanese intellectuals and some Japanese-Chinese friendship groups jointly launched an initiative to build a monument to the poem "In the Rain on Mount Arashi." The monument is located halfway up the mountain and consists of a base and a body. The base is composed of several unprocessed large stones without any adhesive material between them, demonstrating the spirit of traditional Japanese architecture. The establishment of this monument was to commemorate Premier Zhou Enlai's outstanding contributions to the cause of Sino-Japanese friendship and to affirm his efforts to seek the liberation of the Chinese nation.
Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Opening hours
All day
To the west of Du Yue Bridge along the north of the river, you can climb the mountain from the small path next to the public toilet to see it.