Orange Isle Scenic Area, The scenery is very beautiful

2 Juzizhou Head, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Changsha Metro has a dedicated station at Orange Island.
Must-visit Check-in Spots for Red Tourism
There are really a lot of oranges above.


Orange Island is a sandbar located in the middle of the Xiangjiang River. Surrounded by water, the area covers dozens of miles and is a national scenic spot. Visitors can explore historical and cultural exhibition halls, the Xiaoxiang Celebrity Club, and the Citrus Culture Park, among other attractions, enjoying a perfect combination of viewing, relaxation, and entertainment. At certain times, the fireworks display at Orange Island is a must-see visual feast. In the center of the park, the Han white marble monument is inscribed with Mao Zedong's handwritten "Orange Island" on its front, while the back is engraved with the full text of "Qinyuan Chun · Changsha".
2 Juzizhou Head, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province
Opening hours
"07:00-22:00 (Monday-Sunday, January 1-December 31)"
Bus: Take bus route Travel Line 3 and get off at Juzi Zhou Scenic Area bus stop. Walk about 107 meters to reach your destination; Subway: Take subway line 2 to Juzi Zhou subway station and walk about 120 meters to reach your destination.