Avenue de la Liberté, You can take a stroll on this street



When you step outside of Luxembourg Central Station, on your right is the famous Avenue de la Liberte, leading straight to Adolphe Bridge and the canyon edge, known as "Bank Street" and "Luxembourg's Wall Street." In the early days of Luxembourg's finance industry, big banks set up offices on this street. Although with the rise of new business districts, big banks have gradually moved away, the long-standing historical buildings are still preserved today, making it one of the few historical building-viewing streets in the city. Among them, Building No. 9, also known as the ArcelorMittal Building, is the most famous for its magnificent architectural style and historical heritage. Don't forget to take a photo here during your trip and make it your postcard.
The main road to the right when exiting from the Central Train Station; the main road to the southern area after crossing the Adolfo Bridge from the old city area.