Going to Fukuoka during the rainy season? These indoor attractions are equally interesting

What should I do if I happen to visit Japan during the rainy season? Make sure to check out these indoor attractions!

JR Bodo City

JR Hakata City is built on the Hakata Station in Chuo Ward, and it is not just a train station, but also a large shopping mall considered as one of the new landmarks of Kyushu. During the rainy season, why not take a look at some souvenirs and medicinal products here?

Fukuoka dome

The first and only all-weather roof-opening sports stadium in Japan, also known as the "Yahoo Dome". Large holiday hotels and shopping malls are built nearby, forming a wide entertainment area called "Hawks Town". The "backstage tour" in the adventure sightseeing is highly praised, so come here to explore the backstage during the rainy season!

Bodo Town Cultural Center

This folk museum is distributed in three townhouses and perfectly restores the Fukuoka style of the late Meiji era. The reconstructed ancient buildings display historical photos, traditional Hakata culture, festivals, handicrafts, and performing arts, including even recordings of obscure Hakata dialects.
Rainy days and art galleries are a perfect match! The Asian art gallery in this large museum is world-famous, and there are also other galleries hosting special exhibitions and local artist shows from time to time.

Fukuoka County Art Museum

The Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art is located within the Sazae-san Park and holds several permanent exhibitions throughout the year, mainly showcasing the works of artists related to Fukuoka. Additionally, it also hosts independent exhibitions displaying research results related to the art field.