Five must-visit attractions in Split

Do you not know where is the fun in Split? Follow this list to these five places to check-in! Rivers, churches, art galleries, from nature to humanities, all will feast your eyes!

Riva is the seaside promenade of Split, the liveliest place in Split, located on the south side of Diocletian's Palace. The entire street is filled with cafes, hotels, and restaurants. Whether it's day or night, it's the preferred choice for coffee lovers to chat and enjoy the sea breeze. It's a pleasant and leisurely place to relax.

Gregorius of Nin

A bronze statue at the entrance of the ancient city of Split, the statue tells its own story. It is said that touching his toes brings good luck.
A magnificent seaside fortress and a luxurious countryside villa, ancient Roman ruins, embodying the glory of the past.

St. Duquin Church

Build a tall bell tower that becomes a unique local architecture. The front of the bell tower has two Roman stone lions, and there are hunting murals on the dome, making it a famous local landmark. The view from the top of the bell tower is enchanting.
Featuring Croatian art from the 14th century to the present, each piece is a masterpiece. Don't miss this art feast!