How to eat around the world in Frankfurt

Whether it's distinctive sausages or a large pork knuckle, Spanish seafood rice or Japanese cuisine, or even if you want to have a Chinese meal, Frankfurt will always bring you endless surprises in terms of food.

Blue Apron Aunt Sausage Shop

The Blue Apron Aunty Sausage Shop is hidden in a central market. German celebrities such as former Chancellor Schroeder have visited this small shop. The shop is small and only has 6 types of sausages. After extensive testing by food enthusiasts, it has been determined that the Krakauer Wurst sausage is the most delicious and popular among Chinese people.

Italian pizza shop

The boss is a die-hard AC Milan fan, and the decoration of the store also features AC Milan. The Italian food in this restaurant is the best I have ever had in Germany. They mainly serve pasta, salad, and freshly made pizza.

Wagner Restaurant

Wagner Restaurant is the most distinctive traditional German restaurant in Frankfurt. The most characteristic food here is the fried pork chop, pork knuckle, and apple cider from the Sachsenhausen region.
Iwase is a Japanese restaurant in Frankfurt, which is highly regarded locally. The restaurant has a comfortable and Japanese-style environment, uses fresh ingredients, and serves delicious food.

Shaxin Turkish Restaurant

Germany has nearly 2.8 million Turkish people, so Turkish cuisine is also worth a try, not much different from the local cuisine in Turkey. After long and persistent testing, this shop's Döner Kebab is the most delicious. Although it is slightly more expensive than other Turkish shops, it is indeed delicious.

Shanghai local cuisine Dream Garden

The boss and chef are both from Shanghai, and they make fairly authentic dishes, reaching the average level of local cuisine in Shanghai. Located near the train station, the transportation is relatively convenient. The advantages are affordable prices, high value for money, and quick service with no need to wait too long for the food to be served. This restaurant is a must-try for friends who enjoy Chinese cuisine.