Shopaholics recommend interesting shopping malls in Naha

The main shopping areas in Naha are concentrated in the city center. Various specialty and souvenir supermarkets are spread throughout the city, and there are also many large department stores. You can also buy many special products that are not easily found in other provinces and cities, which are absolutely rare and excellent gifts to bring back to your family and friends.

FS Okinawa Naha Airport is filled with various brand shops, including luxury goods, shoes, and bags, with a wide range of types and choices, and the styles stay up to date, which is very rare. The store accepts payment in Chinese yuan, UnionPay cards, and various credit cards.

NAHA Main Place

NAHA Main Place is a large and stylish local shopping center featuring over 70 specialty stores offering various popular Japanese goods and a food market. It is the largest department store in Naha.
HAPiNAHA is another place to send postcards via international mail. The mall has six floors with the first floor being Happy Sweets Street, which sells original Okinawan candies and snacks. Among them is a candy store called Ouchi no Bird, which is operated by Morinaga Seika and can print photos on the packaging of Hi Chew soft candies.
This is a place where all daily necessities including various Okinawa products such as food, clothing, and home appliances are gathered. There are also specialty shops for various trendy clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories, as well as restaurants and food streets with a wide selection.

Nabapo seafood market

This is a famous fish market in Okinawa, where you can see various lobsters, crabs, shellfish, and sea fish being sold, and feel its uniqueness. The seafood here is clean and tidy, and both cheap and fresh, without any fishy smell, which is favored by the local people.