The best and most romantic churches in Okinawa must-visit

Okinawa is a picturesque island with beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, comfortable resorts, and breathtaking seaside wedding chapels. It has become an increasingly popular destination for overseas couples to get married. Imagine exchanging vows with your loved one, wearing a pure white wedding dress against the backdrop of the azure sea and clear sky - it's even more romantic than a drama!

Okirouque Church (in ten thousand Beach hotels)

The Aikulouque Church is located in the ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort, and it is named after "water" and "light". Its appearance resembles a pristine white shell. The front of the altar has a 10-meter floor-to-ceiling window, allowing the sunlight, clear blue sky, and blue sea water to flow into the church and become one. Many couples choose to hold their weddings here, walking down the aisle to the solemn sound of the pipe organ and being moved by the breathtaking sea view that stretches out before them.

Corinthian Church

This glass church, which seems to float on the sea, belongs to the Hotel Nikko Alivila, featuring prominent Gothic style, an all-white exterior, and a sacred atmosphere of a church. The church is themed around clean water and emphasizes transparency in its design. It is an ideal place to hold a romantic wedding banquet that will be unforgettable for a lifetime!

Kravata Church

The Coral Vita Church is located inside the ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort, with "Coral" symbolizing "Happiness" and "Vita" representing "Everlasting Assets". The church faces the Coral Sea, which is said to bring eternal happiness, and the open space with three full-length windows is filled with dazzling sunlight. Beyond the altar, you can see Manza-mo, one of Okinawa's top tourist attractions. After the wedding, you can also head directly to the scenic Manza Beach for a beach party, full of tropical vibes.

Diamond ocean Church

Diamond Ocean Church is located within the Kuriyoutsu Resort, built on a high ground by the coast with imported floor-to-ceiling glass walls that offer an unobstructed 360-degree view of the stunning emerald sea, regardless of the tides. The wedding comes with a unique "water blend ceremony" that combines Okinawa's seawater with the spring water flowing through Kuriyoutsu, symbolizing the merger of the two families and the union of the couple in marriage. It is truly a romantic experience.