Delicious Kyoto snacks that make your mouth water

Delicious street food shops in Kyoto, giving you a different wonderful taste! Make sure to include it in your Kyoto itinerary.

Dosonan is a pastry shop established in 1950, which has been loved by local people for many years. The shop offers over 20 types of sweets, including pudding, cakes and chocolates, based on red bean paste and incorporating the characteristics of both Japanese and Western desserts. In addition, the shop also sells homemade red bean paste which is popular among housewives.


There is an Indian curry restaurant called CURRY & BAR 240 by the roadside that is a 10-minute walk from Nijo Station. The half wall inside the store is covered with hardcore punk posters, while the other side is painted with an elephant trunk god of wealth, making it an energetic space. The aroma of spices from the kitchen continuously arouses the appetite. The signature dish, 240 special curry, is a combination of chicken curry, Pakistani curry, spicy beef tendon curry, and dried skipjack tuna with burdock in a mix-and-match Japanese-style curry.

Zhao love Museum

Matsuba crab, also known as "dream crab" by Japanese, is a type of crab that is commonly found in Japan. It has tight and tender meat that is sweet and delicious. The crab is as big as a basin, and once tasted, there is no other type of crab that can compare. At Shoryuken, we use Matsuba crabs that weigh 1.2 kilograms each, which are served on a table full of dishes including iced raw crab, steamed crab, grilled crab, crab shell steamed egg, crab soup, crab hot pot, and finally, mixed rice.

Green rice ball

"Qingonigiri" is located around Jodoji area in Sakyo ward. The rice balls, handmade by Mr. Aomatsu, the owner of the shop, have hot and crispy rice wrapped in seaweed. In addition to the signature flavors of salmon and plum, there are also 20 original flavors such as spicy stir-fried green peppers with small fish called "Aoginotsume" and creamy cheese and katsuobushi (bonito flakes) flavor called "Naisu!"
This shop may be small, but it is very popular and busy with customers. The matcha ice cream inside is delicious, with a unique and rich matcha flavor that is refreshing and satisfying. Additionally, one can also choose to purchase matcha products to bring back as gifts for friends.