A relaxing spa journey to unwind in Austria

In the eastern, southern, and western regions of Austria, there are over 100 thermal spa centers, which are either located in gentle hilly areas or in the magnificent Alps, most of them with open-air thermal water areas. Especially in winter, the stark contrast between the snow-covered nature and the steaming thermal springs creates a uniquely romantic atmosphere.

Stegsbach Thermal Spa Center

Located in the south of Burgenland, Stegersbach Spa Center sits adjacent to Austria's largest golf course. It combines hot springs and golf, with spring water sourced from a depth of up to 3000 meters, rich in sulfur and bicarbonate.

Paradise Hotel

Bad Sácherbach thermal spa covers an area of 3100 square meters and features multiple thermal pools and spacious relaxation rooms. It is one of the best thermal centers in Austria. Choose it as a stop during your travels in Austria, stay for one or two nights in a thermal hotel, and it will definitely help recharge your energy for the rest of your journey!

Badeishah Town

The town of Bad Ischl in the Salzkammergut region is also a famous spa city, located 60 kilometers east of Salzburg. Since the 19th century, Bad Ischl has been a spa resort for the upper class. In the summer, it also hosts a light opera festival, where visitors can enjoy classic operas during the day and relax in the hot springs in the evening.


The hot spring resources here are abundant, with a total of 17 hot spring centers, each with its own unique features and exclusive healing techniques. For example, there is a rock hot spring that can make the body and mind relaxed and happy, and a health hot spring that uses tunnel therapy, which is unique in the world. The so-called tunnel therapy is only effective when the temperature of the hot spring is between 37.5℃ and 41.5℃, and the humidity is between 70% and 90%. However, receiving tunnel therapy must be done under the guidance of a professional doctor. Enjoying the warmth of the hot spring here and looking at the magnificent Alps outside the window is truly an extraordinary vacation experience.


There are three uniquely designed outdoor hot spring pools in the spa center, with the pools elevated above the ground, as if floating among the mountains. The hot springs here have significant therapeutic effects on various ailments. The AquaDome Spa Hotel is located in Längenfeld, 70 kilometers west of Innsbruck, and it is a unique alpine hot spring center. Situated amidst the mountains, the water temperature ranges from 34°C to 36°C, and the specially designed three outdoor hot spring pools are elevated above the ground, as if floating among the mountains.