A comprehensive collection of exquisite handmade crafts from Ireland

Leave some space in your luggage and bring home some Irish handicrafts! Compared to the array of industrial products in shopping malls, Irish handicrafts are more charming. Each region has its own unique handicrafts with local characteristics.

Aren Islands

The most eye-catching item in an Irish wardrobe is the Aran sweater, which is a creamy white color. Originally designed for fishermen, the Aran sweater was made from unprocessed wool and had waterproof properties, allowing it to be worn even when wet. The Aran sweater was the ideal garment for sailors crossing the Atlantic. Today, the Aran sweater has been processed to have a strong skin feel and improved texture. Although the Aran sweater can be found everywhere in Ireland, why not take a boat to the Aran Islands and buy an authentic sweater from its place of origin?
Where does the craft tour start? Why not begin in Kilkenny, where you can witness the process of glassblowing and the display of handmade wooden bowls at the Castlecomer Estate by local artisans. These crafts showcase the art and culture of Ireland.

Xinqiao Silver Ware

Xinqiao Silverware is famous for its silver cutlery and jewelry, including knives, forks, candle holders, and other exquisitely detailed items. Its jewelry is fashionable and beautiful, with trendy styles that commemorate Princess Diana and Michael Jackson.

Waterford Crystal Factory

The tour of the House of Waterford Crystal is an experience not to be missed. During the factory tour, the process of crystal blowing and carving will be demonstrated on site, and professional craftsmen will teach visitors how to identify the quality and understand the production of those beautiful crystal handicrafts, which is very interesting.