Wielding a club in the earthly paradise - a golf journey in Ireland

Ireland's golf courses are famous for their stunning beauty. Its coastal courses are renowned in the world of golf, with world-class courses showcasing the breathtaking coastal terrain and impressive artistic designs. The Irish Open is one of the oldest events on the European Tour, dating back to 1927 and attracting numerous golf champions. Amateur golf is also highly popular in Ireland, with over 440 golf clubs affiliated with the Golfing Union of Ireland. Whether you are a professional player, an amateur enthusiast, or a golfer dreaming of playing on a true coastal course, you can find a satisfying venue based on your preferences and budget, whether it's embracing traditional golf or exploring trendy courses or something in between.

In 2006, the highly anticipated Ryder Cup between Europe and America was held at K Club, making it a Mecca for golf enthusiasts worldwide. K Club has long been favored by the European elite for its top-notch golf courses and luxurious, distinct accommodations. Chinese superstar Stallone also chose this place for his honeymoon. It is also a must-visit destination in Ireland for many US presidents and Hollywood stars.

Botmanock Golf Club

Established in 1894, the Portmarnock Golf Club is a world-class club with a long history of hosting multiple championship events. From the 1949 British Amateur Golf Championship to the 1960 Canada Cup, the 1991 Walker Cup, and the 12-round Ireland Open, this course has been recognized as one of the "Top 10 Golf Courses in the British Isles." Golfers have said, "Playing here, you can experience true golf. There is no luxury or showiness. It is completely integrated with nature."

Krani Golf Club, Ireland

The Killarney Golf Club has been the venue for the Irish Open for two consecutive years. The club's unique geographical location and perfect natural environment leave a perfect impression on every golfer who comes to experience it. Located near the beautiful Killarney Lakes and adjacent to the Killarney National Park, there are often red deer and various seabirds, allowing golfers to enjoy the natural scenery of the Emerald Island of Ireland while swinging their clubs.

Chateau Morland Golf, Ireland

This is Ireland's first inland golf course - a royal treatment and a paradise for golf enthusiasts, as the dramatic course design provides challenging and entertaining golf experiences at Dromoland Castle. The course is situated in a 400-acre green plant park surrounded by trees that remain untouched, and is hindered by three natural barrier holes created by the River Rine, providing enthusiasts with a greater challenge while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery.

Doonbeg links golf Club

When you come to the Dongbai Golf Course, you will have a perfect Lynx experience. The designer used the unique local terrain to make the golf course extend straight into the Atlantic Ocean, which is magnificent and breathtaking. Every hole on the course offers a panoramic view of the vast and spectacular Atlantic Ocean.