Driving on Fv243 Snow Road - Overlooking Norway's Sognefjord

The Flam town is a famous epitome of Norway, and the Norwegian national scenic route Fv243 - Aurlandsfjellet is even more famous, also known as the "Snow Road". This mountain road twists and turns, crossing mountains and Sognefjord, and passes through sections with great altitude differences, offering changing and stunning views from lush green forests to high mountain snowfields. Some of the higher altitude sections have snow all year round, and even in summer, there are towering snow walls on both sides of the road, which is deeply fascinating and impressive. Driving on the Norwegian Snow Road will definitely leave you with the most profound impression!


The Vardahaugselvi waterfall trail is located in the county of Hordaland, Norway. Here, you can stroll through the mysterious Nordic forest, listen to the romantic and gentle sound of flowing water, bask in the sunlight, and explore the natural beauty scenery between the valley and the waterfall. In autumn and winter, the magic of the aurora will envelop the entire valley in an atmosphere of wandering myths, which is dreamlike and unforgettable.

Vedahaugane cave

Vedahaugane viewpoint is located in the first half of the Snow Road, and from this height, you can overlook the winding and twisting panoramic view of the road. The viewpoint also features a huge installation artwork - The Den, created by the famous American artist, Mark Dion. The artwork depicts a large black bear puppet stacked on top of seemingly rubbish objects, which were actually collected by the artist from around the world. The viewpoint is over 1000 meters above sea level and is only open from June to September due to the harsh winter climate. However, it is definitely not to be missed during this period.

Flotane Melting Snow Waterfall

Flotane Rest Area is located on the green grassland of the Aurlandsfjellet route, adjacent to high-altitude lakes with deep blue water and large snowdrifts left behind in the summer. Waterfalls pour down from the mountains, flowing into the lake, creating a surreal atmosphere. Visitors will be stunned by the magnificent scenery. Sitting by the lake, basking in the warm summer sunshine, admiring the snowdrifts and waterfalls, will surely make people feel the most beautiful enjoyment of life!

Stegastein viewpoint

The viewing platform is a wooden platform in an inverted L shape, protruding from the side of a cliff at an elevation of 643 meters. The platform is designed with glass railings that extend through the trees, offering unparalleled iconic curved views of the Aurlandsfjord World Heritage Site. Unlike the Geirangerfjord, the mountains on both sides of the Aurlandsfjord are not high, but the scenery is stunning and impressive in its own way.