Malmö's top three restaurants

In the Michelin Nordic Guide published by professional institutions, Malmö has three restaurants with different styles that have been awarded one Michelin star each, making Malmö one of the important culinary destinations in Sweden.

Bloom in the Park, a restaurant in the deep lane

The restaurant Bloom in the Park is appropriately named, located in a courtyard-like setting next to the verdant Pildammsparken in Malmö. Looking out through the restaurant's windows, flocks of wild ducks and swans glide silently across the lake. The décor is minimalist and elegant, allowing diners to focus on the food itself. The restaurant's summer jazz nights are particularly festive, with a relaxed and jovial atmosphere that feels like stepping into a hidden gem of a restaurant tucked away in an alley.

Restaurant Sture Explaining Culinary Philosophy

Chef Karim Khouani, originally from France, serves authentic French cuisine paired with a rich selection of French wines at his restaurant fittingly named "A Piece of France in Skåne." Now relocated to the heart of Malmö and renamed Sture, Chef Karim's creative culinary philosophy blends modern and traditional flavors to delight diners.

Two Brothers'Restaurant Vollmers

Vollmers' dishes are New Nordic cuisine made from fresh, local, and organic ingredients. On the restaurant's menu, you can see careful notes behind each dish: 28 km, 62 km... indicating that the main ingredients of this dish come from a farm or seaside 28 or 62 kilometers away. Mats Vollmer, the owner's brother, explained that he gained a lot of inspiration from his mother's cooking during his childhood, such as Cod Pudding, which is now on his menu as "Childhood Memory".