Norwegian Scenic Highway Inventory | Follow freedom and go for a drive!

Freedom is the most attractive aspect of travel. Self-driving travel takes freedom to the extreme. For travelers, every self-driving trip is a journey through dreams. And Norway's scenic roads are created for this kind of freedom. It takes travelers through fjords, oceans, mountains, forests, and lava, allowing them to experience the natural wonders and unique charm of the culture. If you want to follow the path of freedom and self-drive through this picturesque land without constraints, then follow my footsteps and let's count the scenic roads of Norway together!

Atlantic Road

The Atlantic Road in Norway is a highway that is known as "Norway's century-old building" and is considered one of the most beautiful and dangerous roads in the world. This road spans central and southern Norway, stretching for 8.274 kilometers. It connects the small towns of Kårvåg and Vevang, with 8 bridges, causeways, and viaducts linking them together. Its unique architectural features make it a true highway to heaven. The scenery along the road is picturesque, giving people a sense of naturalness and immersion in nature.

The Eagle Path

The Eagle Road is one of the most famous and challenging tourist routes in Norway. This winding and rugged road is surrounded by canyons and waterfalls, giving you a feeling of being in a fairy tale world. Along the way, you can enjoy stunning natural landscapes, including seven majestic waterfalls, mist in the depths of the canyons, and a stunning view from above.

Elf's path

The winding and thrilling Elf Road, hovering between mountains, was built in the treacherous terrain of Norway's western coast. The construction of a mountain road was particularly difficult and significant due to the separation of the mountains. It took 8 years to complete the construction of Elf Road, which was built with only simple tools in the 1930s. This showcases the outstanding engineering skills of the Norwegian people and their utmost love for roads.