Gothenburg street is irresistible for its mobile delicacies

American pulled pork, Peruvian ceviche, Ethiopian vegetarian dishes, British fish and chips... Gothenburg has a group of food trucks driven by professional chefs, bringing flavors from around the world to the streets. The trucks, tricycles, and electric carts are uniquely and eye-catchingly decorated. When they are on the move, they serve as billboards, but once they stop, they transform like transformers and the aroma fills the air. In Gothenburg, food trucks are beloved by diners for their creativity, freshness, and international flavors.

A Taste of Britain

"Gothenburg version of 'A Bite of Britain'. The food truck is decorated with the Union Jack flag, and the chef wears a British-style hat. This food truck specializes in British home-style cooking. The chef himself is from Britain, and he has been in Gothenburg for over ten years. He selflessly presents his traditional family recipes, such as the authentic Shepherd's Pie made with potatoes, beef and vegetables, as well as the Farmer's Lunch consisting of beer, bread, and salad, and the crispy chips and fish that everyone from the Prime Minister to commoners on the street love. They park at a fixed location every week, and if you check their Facebook page in advance, you can know where to find them."


Passionate South American cuisine can even be found in Gothenburg. The cheeseburger is topped with delicious avocado sauce, while a chicken, mango, and salad mixture is served in a corn tortilla boat and accompanied by crispy rye bread or ribeye steak. Other highlights include quinoa, a staple food for the indigenous Indians, and a secret Mexican sauce. This food truck has its own website, so check the menu beforehand at

Clasico Food Truck

The little elf in the mobile food cart - the black electric motorcycle is actually an Argentine snack shop. The roof of the car is movable, and as long as it is opened, it becomes a mini restaurant. The ingredients here are all from organic fruits and vegetables, fair trade or local production. Try their burgers, fish fillets, and beef, and challenge the meat-loving Argentine flavor.

Burrito Bros

Two extremely handsome brothers started a business together, running a food truck serving delicious food. Their studio is inside a second-hand truck they bought from Norway. Want to know what the descendants of Vikings eat in the fast food age? Try a tasty roll stuffed with salad and sauce meat, with a side of icy drink. It's simple yet flavorful and perfect for those who enjoy casual dining.


This food truck specializes in Asian street food and has a fixed location at Magasinsgatan 17. With only three types of food, including meat buns, vegetarian buns, and Thai rolls, the combination of sweet and salty flavors and unique herb seasonings make for a delicious twist on Asian cuisine. Check out their website at