Fairy tale town scattered in southern Germany

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and find a peaceful and beautiful place like a fairy tale, then you will not be disappointed by the many small towns in southern Germany. Walking in these ancient and vibrant small towns, it feels like being in a fairy tale, as if traveling through time and space. These small towns often preserve many exquisite medieval buildings, such as castles, palaces, churches, and ancient city walls, exuding charm and a sense of history. Scattered between beautiful valleys and green mountains, these towns have charming natural scenery and a rich cultural heritage. If you have always longed for a world in fairy tales, come and explore these small towns!


Heidelberg is a cultural and university city on the banks of the Neckar River, and it is a epitome of romantic Germany. The city is beautiful, with green mountains, clear waters, ancient city walls, stone bridges, castles, and red-roofed houses forming the charm of the old town. Twisty and tranquil alleys are everywhere, full of poetic and picturesque scenery as you pass through the Heidelberg Castle and the stone bridge. Many famous poets and artists have fallen in love with this city when they visited Heidelberg. I believe you will also fall in love with this vibrant city~


Schiltach is a historically rich, small town located in the Schwarzwald-Baar Kreis region of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is situated on the banks of the Schiltach River and features a vibrant pedestrian street in the old town center, lined with colorful half-timbered buildings. Here, you can find various antique and wooden products in many shops, as well as art museums and galleries. Taking a stroll here gives one a nostalgic feeling.


Fuessen is one of the oldest towns in Germany, with many narrow streets and small markets in the city center. It has many shops selling handmade products and local specialties. In addition, Fuessen is also one of the most famous holiday resorts in southern Germany, offering a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, mountaineering, and skiing. Whether you visit Fuessen in summer or winter, you can enjoy breathtaking natural scenery and a unique cultural atmosphere.


Located at the foot of the Alps in southern Germany, Oberammergau is a small town famous for its painted murals. Despite its small size, with less than two hundred households, almost every house in the town has different themed murals on its exterior walls. These murals depict religious, people, animals, fairy tales, and decorative scenes, representing the beliefs, hobbies, culture, and professions of different families. The size of these murals varies, ranging from small ones of one or two square meters to large-scale works covering entire walls. In this town, you can also enjoy magnificent mountain and forest scenery, experiencing a pleasant natural environment.

Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden

Ramersbach is a town in Bergtesgaden, Bavaria, Germany, located in the heart of the national park. It is famous for its peaceful atmosphere, stunning natural scenery, and diverse outdoor activities. Here, you can stroll between valleys and gorges, explore the surrounding forests and mountain beaches, or climb local peaks for outdoor adventures. Additionally, there are concerts, markets, and ancient taverns worth exploring.


Dinkelsbühl, located in the northern part of Bavaria, is a picturesque small town in southern Germany. It is situated on the Romantic Road and is known for its well-preserved medieval buildings, including beautiful palaces, city gates, churches, and ancient city walls. Taking a stroll through the town, you can admire the stunning charm of a medieval city and experience the grandeur and simplicity of a Central European ancient town.