Hand-drawing Paris, a must-visit museum for art enthusiasts

When you come to Paris, whether you are an arts major or not, you will deeply feel the strong artistic atmosphere of this city. As the "capital of art", Paris has numerous famous art museums and galleries, which make this beautiful city even more artistic. Many artists have lived here in the past, and the charm of Paris lies in its strong artistic atmosphere both in the past and present. When exploring Paris, you must not miss the opportunity to visit the many art museums in the city.

Orange Orchard Art Museum

Whenever you visit, you can expect crowds, but it's impossible to ignore the beautiful water lilies painted on the entire wall. This piece is worth queuing up to see. In addition, the art museum hosts exhibitions from time to time. European students with valid identification can enter for free. During Museum Night in May each year, the Citrus Garden Art Museum will be free to enter, so don't miss this opportunity.

MAMO Art Gallery

In the art museum, you can admire many works of art in the styles of Impressionism, Barbizon School, Post-Impressionism, etc. Personally, my favorite is Monet's works, with an entire floor showcasing his masterpieces, and another floor featuring Morisot's works. In addition, the art museum is equipped with explanatory manuscripts to help visitors better understand each artwork.

Rodin Museum

The Musée Rodin is one of the most important sculpture museums in the world, located in the seventh district of Paris. The museum collects the works of French sculpture master Auguste Rodin, including famous sculptures such as "The Thinker" and "Balzac". Here, you can admire some of Rodin's classic sculptures and also visit the studio where he once worked in Paris, which was also his last place of residence. The museum also has a beautiful garden with many of Rodin's sculptures. If you are an art lover, be sure not to miss a visit to the Musée Rodin.

Delacroix Museum of Fine Arts

Eugène Delacroix's late studio, a Romantic painter from the 19th century, showcases his personal works. Today, the museum is managed by the Louvre, so if you plan to visit both the museum and the Louvre in one day, you can purchase a combination ticket to get some discounts. Remember to check the combination ticket option when purchasing tickets to receive the discount.

National Museum of the Middle Ages

The museum building is very old and is one of the few surviving Roman buildings from the 1st century in Paris. Even the exhibits inside are all medieval items, which can be described as a time and space travel! Here, you can admire sculptures that were used to replace those removed during the repair of major Parisian cathedrals. If you love a strong classical style, then this museum is definitely not to be missed!