Save the scorching summer - the most stunning beach scenery

With the arrival of summer, major coastal cities in Vietnam are beginning to embrace sunny weather and vibrant beach culture. Here, you can enjoy the gentle and smooth sand, crystal clear water, and breathtaking sea views. Vietnam is home to numerous beaches, with several famous locations attracting visitors from afar. Now let's explore Vietnam's most stunning beach scenery and find the best destinations for swimming in the sea during this hot summer.

Sam Son Beach

CenShan Beach is located 16 kilometers east of Quy Nhon City in eastern Vietnam and is one of Vietnam's most charming beaches. This dazzling coastline, developed as early as 1906, stretches for 6 kilometers from Lach Hoi Bay to the base of Chang Li Mountain. The beach offers soft white sand, clear blue waters for swimming, and delicious seafood to savor. In addition, visitors can explore local famous landmarks such as the One-Legged Pagoda, Fairy Pagoda, Yin-Yang Rock, and Chang Li Mountain, making the journey even more fulfilling.

Bai Chay Beach

Baizai Beach Resort is located on the coastline of Halong Bay, a man-made beach that is intricately connected to the coastal hills. In the pine forest, there are unique architectural styles of high-end hotels and villas. There are two legends about Baizai Beach: one is related to the history of Chen Qingyu defeating the Mongol army, and the other is related to activities of the local fishermen. In addition to swimming, enjoying seafood and the cool sea breeze, visitors are attracted to Baizai Beach because of its connection to Halong Bay, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, making it a destination for exploration.

Cu Lao Beach

Lumen Beach is located in Lumen City, Yi'an Province, 16 kilometers northeast of Rong City, where the northern Jinjiang River and southern Blue River meet the sea. The fine white sand beach of Lumen Beach is complemented by the verdant tamarisk forest. The sea water is crystal clear blue and has a salinity of up to 3.4-3.5%. In addition to enjoying swimming and strolling along the coastline, visitors to Lumen Beach can try squid fishing, which is the unique charm of Lumen Beach that attracts tourists.

Do Son Beach

Tushan Beach is located in Tushan County, Haifang City. It is a place with enchanting coastal scenery. The sea here is crystal clear and the beach is soft and stretching. With a gentle sea breeze and calm waves, visitors can enjoy swimming in the beach resort, savoring the delicious local cuisine, and admiring the magnificent mountains and rivers of Tushan. It is said that this place used to be a summer resort for many emperors, with a rich history and worth a visit.

Cua Tung Beach

Songmen Beach, located in Yongling County, Guangzhi Province, is a famous tourist attraction. It has white, soft sand and crystal-clear blue waters. The most unique feature of this beach is the eight red clay roads leading to the seaside, forming a magnificent tortoiseshell pattern. Because of this, Songmen Beach is known as the "Queen of Beaches." In addition, there are many other historical sites at Songmen Beach, such as the 17th parallel north longitude line, Xianliang Bridge, Bianhai River, Changshan Martyrs' Cemetery, Yongmu, tunnels, and the Heroes' Sunset Island, attracting numerous tourists for sightseeing.

Linggu Bay

Cu Lao Cham, with its 10-km-long white sandy beach, clear blue sea water, and vast tropical forests, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. There are two explanations for the name of the place. The first is that it sounds similar to "An Cu," a local fishing village. The second is that the area used to be home to many storks, hence the name "Stork Village." Located in the three World Cultural Heritage Conservation Centers in Vietnam, including the ancient capital of Hue, the ancient city of Hoi An, and the beautiful mountain scenery, Cu Lao Cham attracts tourists for sightseeing, cultural exploration, and vacation.