Explore the essence of Eastern religious and cultural traditions

Vietnam is a country filled with Eastern religious and cultural influences. As you travel through its busy cities and winding alleys, you will find temples and pagodas scattered everywhere, surrounded by the mysterious and omnipresent Eastern religious culture. When you step into these temples and pagodas, you can see exquisite carvings, mysterious rituals, and exhibitions showcasing ancient religious beliefs, allowing you to truly appreciate the essence of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism that are deeply influenced by Eastern culture.

Baoding Temple

Badin Temple is located in a unique Feng Shui spot, where Li and Nguyen Mingkong National Master once practiced. The temple is magnificent and full of the atmosphere of truth, kindness, and beauty, attracting countless believers and tourists to come and worship. Upon entering the Sangan Hall, one can feel the tranquility and peace in the depths of one's heart. Tourists look up to the 36-ton copper bell hanging on the high tower and listen to the beautiful bell sound, feeling that all worries and troubles are gradually fading away. The long corridor in the temple is a place where 500 arhats quietly practice. The statues of Guanyin Bodhisattva and Sakyamuni Towering into the sky convey to tourists ideas of universal love and wisdom. Looking down at the temple, it is quietly nestled in the green mountains like a real painting, making people feel emotionally attached to it.

Hongfa Temple

Hong Fa Temple is located in Xinxie Township, Phuc Men County, Vietnam. It not only has beautiful and peaceful surroundings but also serves as a place for kind-hearted people to seek the Dharma. During the Ghost Festival, visitors can enjoy vegetarian dishes here, waiting for worry-free flowers to bloom and pray for peace with local believers. Hong Fa Temple is close to the Guzhi Station, and tourists can easily reach it by bus, making it convenient and efficient.

Anxin Bamboo Grove Zen Temple

The Anxin Zen Temple in Datian Township, San Dao County, Yongfu Province is a great place to enjoy the beauty of Buddhist statues. During the Yu Lan Festival, the temple holds a series of activities to express filial piety towards parents, including the "Rose Hanging Clothes" ceremony, releasing activities, and meditation in the temple. Visitors can immerse themselves in the light of spiritual purification and appreciate the profound wisdom of Buddhism. To reach the Anxin Zen Temple, visitors need to go to Bandong Station on Shipan Mountain and then take a motorcycle or taxi.

Eternal Strict Temple

Yongyan Temple is an important temple in Ho Chi Minh City with a long history. Upon entering the gate, a road can be seen, which has witnessed the heroic achievements of Nguyen Van Troi in his brave fight against enemies. During the annual Yulan Festival, Yongyan Temple organizes a series of meaningful activities for believers to express their piety towards their parents and ancestors. Attending such activities allows participants to engage in rituals such as releasing animals and praying for peace, experiencing the tranquility and power of the spirit.

Juelin Temple

Giac Lam Pagoda is the oldest temple in the Jia Ding-Xi Gong area, built in 1744. After experiencing a hundred years of vicissitudes, the temple has undergone several name changes. Today, the temple still retains 118 Buddha statues, including 113 ancient ones, which are one of the favorite cultural relics for visitors. As one of the oldest temples in Ho Chi Minh City, Giac Lam Pagoda is peaceful and pleasant, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the warm atmosphere of nature. Visitors can express gratitude to their ancestors and commemorate their parents' kindness during the Yu Lan Festival.